Find out how the Rewards program works and how you can earn commissions every time someone gets to know Callbell thanks to you 

Callbell‘s Rewards program allows each user to earn commissions every time a new user installs the chat widget on his/her site and/or pays a license for the platform.

Specifically, each participant in the program receives €10 for each new widget installation and a recurring fee of 30% of the value of the license paid until the customer remains subscribed to the service.

Why is Callbell’s affiliate program different from other B2B referral programs?

Unlike typical referral programs, Callbell’s Rewards program generates commissions in two ways:

1) By sharing the referral link, that can be found in the settings, with your network, through blog posts that promote the service, banners, email campaigns and so on.

2) Through the “⚡ by Callbell” link that can be found below your chat widget: this way you can generate commissions by taking advantage of the traffic on your website without any further effort. Whenever a visitor to your website clicks on the link below your chat widget, he/she will be redirected to Callbell’s website via your referral link. If that visitor, after creating an account on Callbell, installs the chat widget and/or pays a license for the service, you will automatically receive the commissions in the Rewards section of your account.

With this program, we want to show gratitude to all our users, regardless of the plan they are in, for having chosen to use our platform and to encourage sharing.

How can I join Callbell’s Rewards program?

To join the program, all you need to do is create an account on Callbell. In fact, each users is an ambassador of our product: once the first log-in is done, you will find a section called “Rewards Program” within your settings.

In this section you will find your link to share and some important statistics, such as the number of clicks on your link, conversions (how many people have installed the widget and/or paid a license) and the commissions due to you.

Callbell Rewards Dashboard

When can I request the payment?

You can get paid once commissions have been reached a minimum threshold of € 50. To request the payment and choose the payment method, you can make a request in a few clicks directly from your account.

Can I remove the “⚡ by Callbell” link below my chat widget?

You can choose to remove the link below your chat widget only from a paid plan. You will find the option to remove our branding from the settings in the “Chat Widget” section.

Can I have more advanced statistics and / or resources to share Callbell?

If you would like to have access to more advanced statistics and graphical resources to share Callbell on your website, you can request access to our affiliate platform. The request can always be made from the Rewards section in your account settings. Once your request has been sent, we will send you the credentials within 24 hours to access your affiliate profile from which you will be able to monitor your performance thanks to the advanced statistics.

Callbell Affiliate Dashboard

For any question or support request, you can contact us at: [email protected], write us via chat or leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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