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How to sell through WhatsApp (2019)

If you want to sell your products online but lack the skills and/or the time necessary to build a website, WhatsApp is the channel that can help you reach your customers immediately, at no cost. WhatsApp is the most widely used direct messaging app in the world; about...

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How to integrate WhatsApp on your website

Find out how you can integrate WhatsApp on your website, to allow your visitors to contact you and start chatting with just a click.  WhatsApp is the most widely used direct messaging app ever, and more and more companies, both offline and online, are realizing the...

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How Callbell’s Rewards program works

Find out how the Rewards program works and how you can earn commissions every time someone gets to know Callbell thanks to you  Callbell's Rewards program allows each user to earn commissions every time a new user installs the chat widget on his/her site and/or pays a...

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How to create a WhatsApp Business Page

WhatsApp Business is the app that allows companies to communicate with their clients through the most widespread application ever: here's how you can get started. Through this blog article we will try and understand how the app, released at the beginning of 2018 by...

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