Help Desk Platform for Medical Clinics

Digitize the customer service of your medical clinic by exploiting all the potential of WhatsApp, Messenger, Direct and Telegram

WhatsApp & Messenger Help Desk for Medical Clinics
WhatsApp & Messenger Help Desk for Medical Clinics

Manage conversations with your team efficiently

Callbell helps your medical clinic manage communication with your patients through instant messaging channels to increase communication efficiency

Talk with your customers on their favorite messaging apps

Communicate with your patients on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Direct to manage reservations, send notifications and documentation or offer medical consultations

WhatsApp & Messenger Help Desk for Medical Clinics

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Thanks to Callbell you keep control over all the conversations that pass through your company to improve its processes. Monitor conversations and study the best strategies with the statistics module

Callbell for Medical Clinics

How can businesses in the hospital sector use WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct to communicate with their clients?

WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct are the most famous instant messaging apps used to stay in touch with friends and family. At the same time, more and more people are using them to communicate with companies and businesses.

In the medical sector, like for day hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and much more, it is possible to use these quick and user-friendly channels of communication in various ways:

  • Schedule patient appointments faster, since messages reach them wherever they are;
  • Respond to patient requests to undergo specific exams;
  • Offer medical advice for less serious conditions or tips to alleviate an ailment;
  • Request and send filled-out medical prescriptions without having to ask the patient to go to the clinic;
  • Request feedback on the service received;
  • Send notifications about changes in time, location, doctor, and much more;
  • Send instructions for exam prep;
  • Send medical exam or test results.
How can Callbell help your company with customer service management?

Callbell can help your medical clinic in managing patient care by better arranging your communication channels with them. It is fundamental to talk directly with patients, to know their needs and speed up appointment management procedures.

Moreover, you can avoid overcrowding at your facility or clinic by being able to meet some needs remotely, such as prescription pick-up or requests for medical assistance: Callbell can help you with all of this.

Callbell will provide you with an interface where you can invite your team, to start chatting immediately with your patients. Simply create a free account by entering your WhatsApp business number.

What are the main features of the platform?

Callbell is a platform that allows you to provide assistance through the leading messaging apps. It lets you integrate, aside from WhatsApp also Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct, so you can be present in your clients’ preferred channels.

All contacts can be identified with a tag, so that you can differentiate and filter them, and use quick replies and internal notes to communicate and collaborate with your team.

Moreover, through our platform you can automatically assign chats, so you can invite a team of up to 100 agents and have chats automatically allocated among team members.

Last but not least, Callbell offers a chat widget that you can install on your website, allowing users to get in touch with your business through their preferred messaging channel.

Callbell also has a mobile app (available on iOS and Android), from which your agents will be able to manage the chats of those clients who interact with your business. Anywhere, anytime.

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