Support your customers on Instagram Direct thanks to Callbell

Connect your Instagram page in one click, invite your team and manage conversations with your contacts from a single platform

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Customer Service Platform for Instagram Direct
Customer Service Platform for Instagram Direct

Chat with your customers on Instagram Direct

Support your customers through Instagram Direct from both your Instagram page and your website thanks to the Callbell widget

Start offering a customer experience unique to your followers

Callbell is the only live chat support platform that allows you to provide real time support to your customers via Instagram

Customer Service Platform for Instagram Direct

Link your Instagram page and start chatting with your customers on Instagram Direct

Frequent Questions

How can I connect Instagram to Callbell?

You can connect Instagram to Callbell through the integration within your Callbell account. The first thing you should do is make sure that your Instagram account meets the mandatory requirements for activating the API, then you will need to go to Settings and click Connect in the Instagram section.

Next, select the Facebook page you wish to integrate with Callbell (remember that this page must have previously been connected to your Instagram account) then provide all the necessary permissions and finally click on Accept. Once this is done, you will start receiving Instagram messages directly to your Callbell account.

Can Instagram chats be managed by different members of my team?

Yes, thanks to Callbell it’s finally possible to manage Instagram Direct chats from a multi-user interface. Once you have created your Callbell account and connected your Instagram account to the platform, you can invite your team members to work in the same work environment and manage all messages from Instagram Direct.

What are the expected benefits of using Instagram Direct in terms of customer service?

Almost everyone now has an Instagram account. When a person sends us a message via this platform, Callbell takes it and assigns it to the available agents. A big plus is that Messenger is also available as a mobile app, thus allowing users to see your message anytime, anywhere. Moreover, users are usually very active on Instagram and they ask for information about a certain product or service, comment on a post or they simply try to get more information. Also, being one of the most popular apps of the moment, you will get a lot of visibility and more interactions and messages.

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