Grow with the Callbell Partners Program

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Partners Program
Partners Program

What is the Partners Program?

We designed Callbell Partners Program in order to create and foster a collaborative relationship with partners who wish to receive benefits to help us expand and increase our number of customers

How does the Partner Program work?

Recommend Callbell to your customers or acquaintances
Help your potential customers become Callbell customers
Earn Commissions

Fill out the form to join the program

Adquire new customers or improve the loyalty of those you already have, get tools and resources to scale and improve your business and build lasting relationships with your customers

Here some of our success stories

Access commissions and benefits

Your business can get new customer solutions through Callbell

Know our partners…

Multiservicios Austral
Eccezionale Media Group
Push Caller
APR Software
Horacio Mendoza
Voz Total
AZ Agencia Digital
Jelou Media
M&D Studio
Arco Studio

…and some brands that work with us

Hugo Boss
Super Giros
Patrizia Pepe

We create opportunities together

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Frequent Questions

Who can participate in the partner program?

We partner with small, medium and large companies, dedicated to the provision of technological, marketing or consulting services. We offer commissions, marketing resources, and partner support as you progress through the program. Completely free

Will I get a commission for the customers I bring to Callbell?

The Partner will receive a commission of 30% based on the plan that his client has purchased on Callbell. The 30% fee will continue as the new customer renews the plan for a total of two years. If the customer deletes his account before the two years, the payment of his commission will stop when he cancels the plan. If we run a discount campaign on annual plans, your commission will also be reflected in this discount

How are commission payments made?

Once the customer’s payment has been processed for a particular plan, the Partner will receive his commission. Commissions are paid via PayPal or via invoice prepared by the Partner for Callbell

What is expected of me as a Callbell partner?

We are looking for Partners who want to grow their business and help us expand ours. If you are committed to growing with us, we look forward to working with you!

How can I register my customers to be contacted by Callbell?

Customers to whom you want to recommend Callbell must register by filling out a form so that our team can contact them. It is important that your customer specify in this form who they recommended to be able to link them to you and, in the event that your customer acquires a plan with Callbell, to ensure that you receive your commission

How can I get more information?

You can contact directly:

Paola: [email protected]

Antonella: [email protected]

for more information

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