Chat and support your customers on Telegram thanks to Callbell

Telegram Customer Service Platform

Link your Telegram profile or channel to your account

Connect your Telegram profile or channel in one click, invite your team and manage conversations with your contacts from a single platform

Chat with your customers through Telegram

Provide support to your customers through Telegram and allow website visitors to get in touch via the app or to join your channel

Telegram Customer Service Platform
Telegram Customer Service Platform

Sort your users’ requests to your team members

Assign your customers’ requests to the most suitable person in your team and speed up your customer service response time

Frequent Questions

How can I connect Telegram to Callbell?

You can connect Telegram to Callbell through the integration within your Callbell account. To integrate these two platforms, you must first start a chat on your Telegram account with a bot called BotFather, once this is done, simply create and configure the bot with the name of your company and user.

This will generate a token that you will copy and then paste in your Callbell account, precisely in the integration section with Telegram, together with the name of the bot that you have previously configured, thus obtaining your integrated accounts.

Can Telegram chats be managed by different members of my team?

Yes, thanks to Callbell it is finally possible to manage Telegram chats from a multi-user interface. Once you have created your Callbell account and connected your Telegram account to the platform, you can invite your team members to work in the same workplace, manage messages and requests, or serve customers.

What are the expected benefits of using Telegram in terms of customer service?

Telegram is one of the fastest growing social networks in recent months. When a person sends us a message using this platform, Callbell  takes it and assigns it to the available agents. A big plus is that Telegram is also available as a mobile app and users have the ability to see your message anytime, anywhere. Moreover, users are particularly active thanks to the special features offered by the aforementioned platform, such as: private chats, self-canceling messages or groups with automation bots. All this, added to the presence of Callbell, make Telegram a powerful service tool for all users.

Connect your Telegram and start chatting with your customers