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Chat and support your customers on WhatsApp from a simple customer support platform

Connect your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business account to Callbell, invite your team members and start providing customer support through WhatsApp from a simple web platform

WhatsApp Business Customer Service Platform

Connect your WhatsApp account to Callbell

Connect a WhatsApp Business account and invite your team members to collaborate
within our platform

Start chatting with your customers through WhatsApp

Assign and manage conversations in your team and set canned responses so you can quickly answer frequently asked questions

WhatsApp Business Customer Service Platform
WhatsApp Business Customer Service Platform

Analyze messaging statistics, metrics and insights

Access important data such as the number of messages sent, delivered and read by your customers and analyze your response times

Frequent Questions

How can I connect WhatsApp to Callbell?

You can connect WhatsApp to Callbell by integrating into your Callbell account via the official WhatsApp Business APIs and the following WhatsApp BSPs: Gupshup, Twilio and Yalo.

To do this, you simply need to log into your Callbell account, go to the dashboard and click on Get a WhatsApp API account. Next, simply follow the steps that we show you here.

Can WhatsApp chats be managed by different team members?

Yes, thanks to Callbell you can finally manage WhatsApp chats from a multi-user interface. Once you have created your Callbell account and connected your WhatsApp Business account to the platform, you can invite your team members to work in the same workplace regardless of whether you have a single WhatsApp number.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for customer service?

Most people have a WhatsApp account. When a person sends you a message through this messaging app, Callbell takes it and assigns it to available agents. A big plus is that WhatsApp is available as a mobile app and people can see your message anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, users are usually very active on WhatsApp and in recent years, particularly after 2019, this has allowed for exponential growth, since it’s used by millions of people and companies around the world.

Create an account on Callbell and start chatting with your customers through the most popular messaging app in the world: WhatsApp