Talk to your customers wherever they are

Sell and support your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram from a single multi-agent platform

Or talk to our team on WhatsApp
Customer Communication Platform for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and others Chat Apps
Talk to your customers wherever they are
Sell and support your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram from a single multi-agent platform
Or talk to our team on WhatsApp
Callbell: a single platform to connect WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram
Callbell: Customer Communication Platform for Messaging Apps

Centralize and automate your messaging channels

Invite your teammates and support your customers on WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Messenger and Telegram from a
single integrated and multi-agent solution

Each chat assigned to the appropriate department

With Callbell, you can divide your team into teams according to their specific functions, so that your customer always finds what he’s looking for thanks to the automatic routing

Automatic Routing
Callbell | Logiciel de Service Client et Chat pour WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram et d'autres Applications de Chat

Analyze statistics and
stay in control

Use statistics to analyze your team’s performance, study the best communication strategy and keep control over all communication between your company and its customers

Stay connected from any device and keeps your messages at your fingertips.

Callbell for Android
Callbell for Windows
Callbell for iOS
Callbell for macOS
WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Telegram finally for teams

Collaborate with your support or sales team from a single platform on your WhatsApp Business, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger and Telegram chats

Our multi-agent and multi-channel platform allows to

Centralize your messaging channels

Unify your customer’s favorite messaging channels on one platform

streamline your customer service

Improve response time with a system designed for multiple agents

Route your chats

Divide your team into departments and let the customer choose who they need to talk to

Increase your sales

Increase your sales and improve your customers’ experience when they contact your company
We help companies of all sizes
Chat management
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Manage the chats of your
messaging channels
Chat Module
Chat management Inbox
Connect Facebook Messenger
Connect Telegram
Connect Instagram Direct (+ € 20 / month)
Connect WhatsApp (from € 50 / month)
Chat management Plus
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For companies of all sizes
Chat Module

Dedicated support
Advanced statistics
API & integrations
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Trusted by more than 75000 companies around the globe

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Are you just getting started? Create, customize and install a free widget for your website

Create and install a chat widget on your website to let visitors chat with your business via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram

Questions? Find out what Callbell can do to help your business
Getting started
Why choose Callbell?
Callbell is the only tool that allows you to centralize all messages from Whatsapp Business, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram in a single platform designed for your team collaboration, as well as creating a website widget through which your customers will be able to choose their preferred messaging app to communicate with your business.

With Callbell you will have the possibility to answer in real time to the different requests regardless of where they come from and to provide instant support to your customers directly on their favorite messaging apps.

How can I try the platform?
You can start working with Callbell by signing up for our free plan. You can connect in a few clicks the channels you want to integrate, install the widget on your website and start chatting with your clients from the chat inbox module.

Once signed up, you can try our chat management module for 7 days for free and without any feature restrictions: after the trial period, if you decide not to continue, you can still continue to use our chat widget for free.

N.B. : it is not mandatory to install the Callbell chat widget to manage incoming conversations from your messaging channels. You can, for example, choose to connect your Facebook page or your WhatsApp Business account without necessarily using the Callbell widget on your website (and vice versa).

Which channels can I integrate?
With Callbell you can integrate your Facebook page (Messenger), your WhatsApp Business account, your Instagram page and your Telegram channel.

From the platform your team will be able to collaborate and manage requests coming from the different channels, also through the Callbell mobile app (available on Andoid and iOS).

Want to learn more about our integrations? Visit our Help Center.

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