SaaS sales are one of the constant thoughts of company CEOs. Indeed, these live thanks to the monthly acquisition of new customers, being considered anything but uninfluential.

For this reason, sales and marketing departments are constantly thinking of new ways to acquire customers and thus increase their SaaS sales. And this is where marketing strategies, advice and business models focused entirely on new potential customers come into play.

Generally it happens that new companies start their business with an innovative proposal within the market, with excellent sales and good functioning. However, halfway through the process, they begin to run aground, losing customers or simply stopping acquiring new ones. This happens because the business model used is not sustainable, due to wrong decisions or simply because good strategies are not in place to achieve the objectives that had been planned.

As a result, companies stop acquiring new customers and those they already have leave for various reasons: cheaper proposals, greater innovation, more convenient promotions and offers, etc. All this makes up the normal life cycle of a SaaS sale; however, as previously mentioned, companies should never stop acquiring new customers because it will stall their growth and market influence.

That is why today we decided to describe to you what SaaS companies and sales are and the 5 best SaaS sales tips useful for your business.

What is SaaS sales?

When we talk about SaaS, we automatically talk about services and software. The services in question are hosted within a cloud which can be accessed from any device without having to install it, but only with an Internet connection.

In this sense, SaaS sales can be applied to various sectors, all we need is a device with a connection. We are therefore talking about accounting software for small businesses, medicine, technology, programming, communication, etc.

SaaS-type companies are currently experiencing great popularity; that is why they decide to base their business on this model. The integration of a specialized SEO agency for SaaS companies can propel your sales to new heights. By understanding the intricacies of both SaaS offerings and the SEO landscape, these agencies can elevate your brand’s visibility, foster trust with potential clients, and ultimately create a stronger online presence that drives meaningful engagement and sales conversions.

This is due to several factors such as costs, the ease of not having a physical location or starting a business, reaching thousands of customers around the world, a larger market, etc.

For businesses, some of the benefits of SaaS sales are:

a) Faster deployment: All you need is access to the cloud without having to install anything.

b) Security: With this strategy there are fewer data losses compared to what happens in physical locations.

c) Lower costs: Due to its ease of implementation, excessive labor will not be required, thus keeping costs down.

In conclusion, SaaS sales can be considered the strategies that all Saas companies use to acquire new or potential customers.

SaaS sales

What are SaaS companies?

SaaS companies are those companies that have decided to implement software and abandon the more traditional model. These have the sole objective of improving a specific service, alleviating problems for their customers. Generally these companies are B2B, therefore they have a more complex target than normal companies.

SaaS companies typically create even more innovative strategies and business models due to their complex goals. Therefore they offer a cloud-based service that can be accessed via any device that has an Internet connection.

These types of structures have allowed SAS companies to grow quickly and exponentially, leading this business model to become the most popular among investors in recent years.

There are 3 types of business models that SaaS companies can implement:

1) Enterprise

This type of business model is widely used to offer services to all large companies. This means that customers are particularly trained, leading to the presence of salespeople specialized in the use and full awareness of the product being sold, as well as possessing strong sales skills and experience with this type of customer. Enterprise companies can benefit from using product prioritization software in this stage to optimize their sales approach and efficiently allocate resources based on customer preferences.

2) Self-Service

On the contrary, this type of SaaS business model is simpler, being aimed at small and medium-sized businesses looking for a more basic solution. It is ideal for all new companies and for those who are starting to understand the world of SaaS and developing MVP startup.

 In fact, perfect solutions are generally offered for customers, using a simple business level designed directly for that particular company.

3) Transactional

Lastly, we find the transactional business model. This can be considered a middle ground between the two previously mentioned models as it offers basic and semi-advanced solutions. The complexity of the service can change, going from simple to difficult and is created specifically for all those companies that are in the middle of their business.

What are the top 5 tips for SaaS sales?

There is a lot of advice we can give you to improve your SaaS sales, as well as strategies and business models to apply to reach an even larger market. However, we decided to focus on what we consider to be the top 5 tips for SaaS sales.

1) Focus on problem solving, not functionality

It is possible that, as your company grows, you will find yourself dealing with customers who need different solutions that your product can offer them. This means that if all customers use your service, some of them may use it for a different purpose. That is why your sales proposition must change and stick to each customer.

The basic idea in this circumstance lies in understanding what is happening to the potential customer and speaking openly with him making him feel listened to and important.

So the secret is to ask what he needs and let him talk, in order to create a connection of trust and mutual respect.

In this phase, what matters most is understanding the problem that is gripping the potential customer, what they need and what they are looking for, thus creating a personalized and specific interaction.  In this stage, it will be important to follow a practical RevOps guide to ensure alignment and efficiency across revenue operations functions.

2) Demonstrations are everything

When a visitor converts into a potential customer, that is when the journey begins. The time has come to capture this new customer by making them interested in buying what we sell.

At this stage it is extremely essential to have the critical points clear and create a personalized demonstration based on all the customer’s needs. Therefore, you must prepare answers and questions, in order to show the potential client the value of his needs and the importance you give to the solutions to be followed for his final happiness. 

An adequate demonstration should not go beyond 15-30, avoiding becoming pedantic. Therefore, prepare a clear demonstration, containing concise and useful information so that the customer can fully understand it. 

3) Carry out follow-ups that are truly effective

Follow-ups are extremely useful elements during the sales process. In fact, with these tools we can understand and identify at what stage the potential customer is in the sales process or in the funnel, managing to plan our next moves exactly, by deciding to send a product proposal, an attempt at additional contact, the offer of a coupon or discount, etc.

Good follow-up can make the difference between converting or losing a prospect. 

4) SEO and content marketing are a great option

This is a very important point since we focus on the acquisition of potential customers through SEO and Marketing actions. The above actions can be organic paid. Excellent SEO together with a good strategy can generate an unstoppable source of potential customers even on a monthly basis. Moreover, collaborating with companies that deliver link building services will increase your traffic and attract new users.

This means that your company will be able to capture new customers without having to invest money in advertising, starting from work and perseverance combined with good marketing strategies. Lastly, build custom all-in-one SEO reports for tracking progress and making informed decisions for ongoing optimization.

Using SEO automation tools will significantly enhance these efforts, making the process more efficient and effective in reaching your target audience.

5) Create short- and long-term planning based on goals

Planning is maybe one of the most important steps to implement in a SaaS sales strategy. So, if you plan short-term goals and work towards them, you are more likely to achieve your major or long-term goals.

Working towards short-term goals is absolutely advantageous for both the company and the individual collaborator.

SaaS sales

How Callbell can help you improve your SaaS sales?

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Additionally, Callbell offers automation, monitoring and metrics options that improve the work of sales and support teams. In this way, it will be possible to help companies by improving SaaS sales and better managing all internal processes. If you want to try this tool and take your business to the next level by increasing Saas sales, click here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct