Connect your messaging channels and start collaborating with your team thanks to our chat management module

Unify your customer communication in one place

Centralize all conversations with your customers from WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, Messenger and Telegram in a simple multi-agent platform

Chat Management Module | WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger and Telegram in a simple shared inbox
Chat Management Module | WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger and Telegram in a simple shared inbox

Manage conversations with your team efficiently

Quick replies, internal notes, tags, automatic assignment are just some of the features that will allow your team to collaborate and manage communication with your customers

Stay in control and monitor your team’s performance

Thanks to our statistics module and the features available for administrators and supervisors, you can keep control over all the conversations that pass through your company

Chat Management Module | WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger and Telegram in a simple shared inbox

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Chat Management Module
How can I try the Callbell chat management module?
You can try Callbell by signing up for our 7-days free trial. In a few clicks you can connect the channels you want to integrate and invite your team. No credit card required.

With the Callbell chat management module, you can immediately connect a WhatsApp account, a Facebook page, an Instagram page or a Telegram account to receive messages from these channels directly on the platform.

N.B. : it is not mandatory to install the Callbell chat widget to manage incoming conversations from the different messaging channels. You can, for example, choose to connect your Facebook page or your WhatsApp Business account without necessarily using the Callbell widget on your website.

Once signed up, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team for any questions and we will guide you in the initial set up of the platform.

What are the main features of the chat module?
The Callbell’s chat management module allows you to centralize conversations from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram in a single shared inbox.

One of the main features is the ability to manage these three channels in collaboration with your team, both from PC and from mobile (thanks to our iOS and Android mobile App).

For our chat module, we have developed a number of features that increase the efficiency of messaging management, to make these communication channels structured for a company. Among the main features we have: quick replies, internal notes, tags, automatic replies, sending the transcript of the conversation via e-mail, automatic assignment of conversations.

We are constantly working on adding new features and perfecting existing ones.

How does the automatic assignment of conversations work?
In order to manage significant volumes of chat, it is possible to activate the automatic assignment of conversations (one each, also known as round robin assignment) to team members present within the account.

Once the automatic assignment is activated, you can decide to exclude team members from the assignment of incoming chats, you can decide to include (or exclude) from the automatic assignment agents based on their “status” (online / offline), and set further variables for automatically assign chats that already in progress.

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