Create a free chat widget and install it on your website in a few clicks

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Select which channels will be offered to visitors on your website to start the conversation and take them directly to their favorite messaging app

Install the widget on your website in less than 3 minutes
Install the widget on your website in less than 3 minutes

Install the widget on your website in less than 3 minutes

Copy and paste the code in your website header, also using our WordPress plugin or via Google Tag Manager and for your team to manage conversations with your customers

Install the widget on your website in less than 3 minutes

Get more chats and keep conversation going efficiently

Once the conversation is started, continue to chat with your users even if they leave your website. Unlike any other
live chat product

Get more chats and keep conversation going

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Frequent Questions

Why choose Callbell?
Callbell is the only tool that allows you to centralize all messages from Whatsapp Business, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram in a single platform designed for your team collaboration, as well as creating a website widget through which your customers will be able to choose their preferred messaging app to communicate with your business.

With Callbell you will have the possibility to answer in real time to the different requests regardless of where they come from and to provide instant support to your customers directly on their favorite messaging apps.

How can I try the platform?
You can start working with Callbell by signing up for our free plan. You can connect in a few clicks the channels you want to integrate, install the widget on your website and start chatting with your clients from the chat inbox module.

Once signed up, you can try our chat management module for 7 days for free and without any feature restrictions: after the trial period, if you decide not to continue, you can still continue to use our chat widget for free.

N.B. : it is not mandatory to install the Callbell chat widget to manage incoming conversations from your messaging channels. You can, for example, choose to connect your Facebook page or your WhatsApp Business account without necessarily using the Callbell widget on your website (and vice versa).

Which channels can I integrate?
With Callbell you can integrate your Facebook page (Messenger), your WhatsApp Business account, your Instagram page and your Telegram channel.

From the platform your team will be able to collaborate and manage requests coming from the different channels, also through the Callbell mobile app (available on Andoid and iOS).

Want to learn more about our integrations? Visit our Help Center.

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