Whenever we publish a post on our Facebook page, we want it to be positioned correctly and generate a lot of interaction, especially if we’re selling something, right?

Precisely for this reason, Facebook has integrated an option to add a WhatsApp button during each publication process: note that it is still an optional feature, so it is up to the user to choose if and when to use it. To do this, the process is extremely simple: just need a copy of the image/video you are about to publish, then click on the function to add the sharing option on WhatsApp and finish the configuration.

This will help us channel most of the questions from users who will see our post directly from WhatsApp, thus being able to assist them based on the responsiveness of our customer support team.

Tips for writing an engaging post

Tips for writing an engaging post

Not all of us are skilled at creating captivating posts on our social networks, that manage to receive many likes and messages, so here we recommend some good practices to make your posts much more interesting:

a) Keep the content simple and well organized

b) Write a well-written text, to avoid any misunderstanding

c) Get to know your audience, to understand which content is best to share

d) Write down any ideas you have in mind for that particular post

e) Develop an editorial calendar

f) Create images and videos that require interaction

g) Create variable content that lasts over time

If you follow these simple tips, we assure you that your post will improve and, over time, you will begin to notice more and more interaction, followers and possibly new clients interested to everything you share.

Optimize your call to action

Optimize your call to action

The text you use in your posts is important as is the shape, size and color in which it is written. Small edits in the content you are sharing can actually make significant changes to the possible success of your publications.

Just think that when the user reads the message you shared, that is the exact moment when he/she decides whether to interact with you or not.

Remember that transmitting a direct message without giving a lot of information, compared to a message in which you show that you value the customer, making him understand that if he takes a certain action he will benefit from it, it is not the same thing. But transmitting this value is not always enough, one must also convey safety and relevance. We therefore suggest that you modify the invitations to interact in your texts with phrases that contain a real call to action: “download”, “send”, “buy”, etc. You may then ask yourself seme questions to understand whether or not the users would click on what you are offering.

Why should they click there?

What do I want to get from that click?

Do you want to know more about conversions and interactions?

Find out how Callbell can help you: “I want to visit the blog”.

How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook’s post?

The first thing to do is to integrate the WhatsApp functionality to your posts:

1) Prepare the post (text with images/video) and place it within the publication editor of your page, like this.

How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?

2) Once you have written and edited the post, with the text and the image, you can move on to the next step: ”add to your publication“, by clicking on the three dots.

How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?

3) Finally, you click on the WhatsApp button which will automatically redirect any user to your WhatsApp Business number.

How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?
How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?

Note: keep in mind that to activate this feature, you must have previously configured your WhatsApp information, so that Facebook can recognize your phone number. You can do this by:

4) Going to the settings of your page, clicking on WhatsApp and finally adding all the requested information.

How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?
How to add the WhatsApp button to a Facebook's post?

Once this is done, you will have your account configured and you will be able to enjoy the WhatsApp functionality in all future posts.

Enhance views and support efficiently

To improve the visualization of your posts, it is advisable to use some strategies like buying tools that allow you to expose your content to the greatest number of customers, as well as to develop techniques that improve the visualization based on the content published with micro influencers. By doing so, you will have a greater impact.

At the same time, if your posts get more views, it would make sense to think they’ll generate more likes, comments, or direct messages as well. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use Callbell with which you can assist all your potential customers who have reached out after noticing your content, which has now gone viral, via your single WhatsApp number and thanks to the various customer service agents.

If you want more information on this phenomenal tool, click here!

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