Vitabella is a small chain of two clinical centers dedicated to aesthetics located in Chile. It is a 100% regional company and since November 2017 it has been characterized by delivering services with the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Today we interviewed Luis Gutiérrez, Partner – Manager of the Vitabella aesthetic clinics, who told us about his experience using Callbell and how our solution has helped them improve their customer service and scale the way they communicate today in day.

Below is the interview:

1) What does your company do, what is it dedicated to?

I own two clinical centers specialized in aesthetics and laser hair removal. Furthermore, I give advice to doctors and healthcare workers on how to structure and design their projects, by enhancing them and implementing their concrete implementation. In addition to the work carried out in the clinic, most of my activity is based on supporting the aforementioned professionals to improve their activities, solving all the communication and sales problems that often arise in the growth of their projects.

Generally, when we tackle these projects and ideas, we tend to focus on the topic of technology since we consider it one of the essential elements in this type of work, especially in the communication field.

2) What led you to look for Callbell as a solution, what problems did you face?

What led me to look for a solution in Callbell was the difficulty that often arises at the reception, in the secretariat or at customer assistance. Capturing all the traffic generated by social media was really challenging for us. Precisely at this juncture I found myself looking for an app or a tool that, in addition to satisfying the requirements I requested, would allow me to totally control the interactions.

It was precisely when I had to analyse the different options available that I discovered Callbell, considering it as the perfect tool for my needs. If today we are able to create and launch a campaign, knowing perfectly well the quantity of messages that will come out of it, we are also perfectly aware of how to monitor and support the agents who will have the task of responding to all possible doubts in the most appropriate and rapid way.

With Callbell I managed to implement everything: it is obvious, at the beginning there was some resistance to all these changes. In fact, agents often did not respond to requests, by losing customers and sales, even though they knew perfectly how the telephone and WhatsApp work.

If a project wants to see the light of day, it must be captivating and timely. This is why, with this tool, we had the opportunity to solve all our issues, being able to connect everything to both Facebook and Instagram. So, if we used to use 3 phones, having to check 3 different accounts, today we only check one. 

Callbell saves us time, effort, makes us be more precise, faster, thanks to the possibility of using bots, so the advantages are endless. Despite this, I still decided to carry out a cost comparison, and I can say that Callbell manages to outperform all the other tools on the market.

This app is also extremely stable, it has never had any crashes. I even find myself thinking that no matter how many new features Callbell constantly releases, we will never have the time or resources to make the most of them.

3) How do you use the services offered by Callbell?

We currently have 4 or 5 centers. The first action to do every day in the morning is to review all the conversations of the previous evening, separating what we can consider sales and potential new loyalty from mere and simple requests. The agent then tags the conversation as coming from Facebook, from a customer, from a purchasing phase, etc.

By doing this we can understand what type of customer we are interacting with, thus identifying the most suitable response. Our prerogative is to always keep conversations open and close those that have already run out. In order to do this, we use the sales funnel, learning about our customers, whether a sales process is closed or not, and whether a customer needs to be contacted again, by managing to better organize all the requests we receive.

Our work also focuses on confirmation via WhatsApp, on sending automatic and preset responses regarding the confirmation of times, also through broadcast messages with the support of Callbell. The truth is that this service is extremely useful and works really well.

If, at some point, Callbell stops working, we should definitely look for a new service as we are entirely and 100% dependent on this tool. We can no longer go back to using simple WhatsApp, our business model depends on multi-agent and all the other possibilities that Callbell offers.

Callbell is in fact an integral part of the business process and becomes fundamental and relevant. 95% of interactions take place through this platform and we are trying to increase the percentage so that we can take total control of all the interactions we receive on a daily basis.

4) How do you feel about our service overall and what do you hope for the future?

I consider the service extremely good, fast and intuitive, especially when I need quick information or encounter a problem. In fact, the support chats work very well. For the future I hope to improve more and more, also using artificial intelligence as Callbell gives me the possibility to work with both AI and human agents.

I say this because the biggest problem is the inability of the agents to always respond. Maybe, a bot could take over and solve this problem. I hope to continue with the improvements and growth: in fact, I would like to be able to manage all the advertising campaigns directly, without having to export the numbers and then import them again.

I strongly feel that all this will be possible in the future.

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