When a company receives many requests, questions or tickets, there is often a need to hire more staff in order to respond to all those messages: this leads to certain inconveniences, such as the need to have a multi-agent Instagram. When you receive so many requests from customers, there comes a time when you lose the organization of information and the study of statistics because the Instagram Direct platform itself is not designed for this purpose.

Because of this, multiple services offer interesting solutions concerning the development of a system that allows you to have a multi-agent Instagram, in order to be supported by the number of people you need, collect all messages in a single place and offer all the necessary tools that a support and sales team with due attention needs.

So, if you have thought about the possibility of activating your multi-agent Instagram Direct to differentiate yourself from the competition and have better organization and control of your customer service team or any other team within your company, here we will explain how to do it.

What is Instagram Direct

What is Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct is a messaging service within the Instagram application, it has multiple features that make it interesting and interactive for users: among its peculiarities we find individual and group chats up to 32 people, the ability to send messages, videos, emojis, the sharing of posts and videos on the platform, the classification of messages between incoming and general ones, and many other functions that you will surely find useful.

Multi-agent Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct’s multi-agent feature is now possible thanks to the collaboration with Callbell. You must be wondering how this can be activated, right?

Multi-agent Instagram Direct will be available very soon and can be activated through Callbell so that you can manage a support team, sales, human resources or any other help you need, in order to respond to all requests arriving on Instagram and not only that: you will also be able to keep track of the activity of your agents and statistics, you will be able to refer contacts to other employees and experience multiple additional features that will make your work more comfortable, efficient and faster.

To activate the Instagram Direct multi-agent you just have to enter your Callbell account or register, in case you don’t have one, then search in the Instagram Direct section and connect it to your Instagram account, very easy!

Remember that this feature will be available soon.

Multi-agent Instagram Direct

What is Callbell

Callbell is a tool that allows you to centralize all messages from your favorite communication platforms in one place, thus managing the customers who write to you daily, as it offers statistics and tools that you can use for your sales, support team, HR and much more.

It is a user-friendly tool, it has total autonomy on the account, which allows it to be easily configured. On the other hand, Callbell’s support is always available and you can ask for anything you need, which is a big advantage over other similar tools.

If you decide to use this tool, you will have at your disposal multiple features that will improve both the internal and external communication of your company, integrating the most used communication channels today (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, WhatsApp Business and Telegram). At the same time, you will have an integrated communication platform with a single number and multiple agents, perfect for teams, departments or sales.

If you want to know everything Callbell can do for you, visit this page

What is Callbell
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