Marketing campaigns have always been considered an excellent and useful strategy for all those companies that wish to obtain immediate profits and new customers. Over the years, these tools have become very popular on social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

However, today there is a fundamental communication channel (for example, a messaging app) where the majority of interactions between customers and companies take place: WhatsApp Business.

Through this means of communication, companies have the possibility to carry out various activities, from standard interaction to support for planning and sales. WhatsApp has become an extremely important channel for the commercial development of every company. This is because almost all people in the world have a WhatsApp account that they use on a daily basis. This makes it a powerful marketing channel.

This is precisely where Broadcast comes in: companies have understood that by having a large database with WhatsApp numbers it is possible for them to create massive message campaigns through which potential customers can receive information on everything they need to know. In this way it will be possible to immediately reach a large target, making sales and increasingly strengthening the brand in the minds of customers. What a great strategy, right?

This is why today we would like to describe 4+ tools useful for creating broadcast marketing campaigns directly on WhatsApp.

What are broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp?

This model basically focuses on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. We are talking about sending text, videos and images in bulk to a specific target. On WhatsApp it works in the same way, with the only difference that you need a list of contact numbers to send the campaign to via the app.

One of the most important factors of social broadcasting is the possibility of immediately informing and communicating with the target audience, so that new products and services can be promoted in a continuous and effective manner. This method also allows you to directly access consumers, benefiting the attempt at positive conversion.

In this type of campaign there is the possibility of adding a call to action to redirect the audience to a specific page, promotion or other immediate actions.

What are broadcast campaigns for?

Broadcast campaigns, being massive and sent immediately to customers, present enormous possibilities of being seen in real time, serving to promote products and services and disseminating the most specific news.

Generally, companies launch this type of marketing campaign on WhatsApp in order to immediately increase sales; this happens especially on the most important occasions, like Christmas. On WhatsApp these campaigns are extremely useful due to their communicative nature and, thanks to the features of the WhatsApp Business API, companies also have the possibility of adding various interactive features, greatly improving the conversion percentage.

4+ tools to create Broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp

After explaining the information you can read above, we want to share the 4 best tools for creating Broadcast campaigns directly on WhatsApp, with their own specific features capable of helping you improve your customer service.

Broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp

1) Callbell

Callbell is a tool designed specifically for online sales and support teams. This means that you will be able to connect different communication channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or Facebook Messenger in one place. From there you will have the opportunity to serve and support all customers along with your teams, also using the additional features provided.

Among them we find the Broadcast module which, in a few simple words, is nothing more than a tool that allows you to send mass messaging campaigns via WhatsApp in an immediate and effective manner. This module is really interesting because it allows you to send messages in bulk without overloading the account, always respecting the platform’s policies.

It also offers campaign metrics such as the number of messages sent, opened and read. In summary, Callbell is an app that gives you the opportunity to give ongoing support to your customers even from different platforms in one place with extreme ease, creating Broadcast campaigns without delay or problems. What you need is an internet connection and a portable device. If you would like more information, click here.


2) WhatsApp

We all know WhatsApp by now. It is precisely through this platform that we have the possibility of sending mass messages without intermediaries. Despite this, there are still limitations.

In order to send mass messages you need to use broadcast lists, by not having to create a group to which the messages will then arrive. With these lists you should always keep two very important things in mind. Firstly, the limit for each list is 256 contacts. Secondly, when a user on that list replies to us, a direct conversation will open between him and the agent who previously sent the message.

In this way, through the WhatsApp app, we will be able to create mass messaging campaigns with many limitations and running the possible risk of losing our account as it is considered spam.

3) is a platform that allows you to perform many functions regarding communication, being designed specifically for customer service and sales. We are talking about a corporate messaging company capable of standing out for its specialized services suitable for companies, touching on different and particular marketing, sales and assistance sectors. However, the most useful and important feature is the ability to send mass messages.

In fact, with you can easily create Broadcast campaigns on WhatsApp. Despite this, everything is complicated since the configuration of the campaigns and the language could be a little difficult. Furthermore, it is a rather expensive tool, so we advise you to think carefully before acquiring it.


4) Wati

Wati is a company focused 100% on customer service via WhatsApp. This feature is extremely important because among all the platforms on today’s digital market, very few have this function. Logically, they also created a Broadcast module focused on mass messaging campaigns using WhatsApp.

In addition to Broadcast, they also feature an internal CRM, WhatsApp Multi-agent, WhatsApp bots, their own App and API connections with various tools. Despite these features, the platform is expensive and the support is not excellent. Keep in mind that all these points are fundamental as is the ability to create marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.


In conclusion, there are so many tools that you can use to transmit on WhatsApp, but Callbell is certainly the best as it is capable of developing everything thanks to its features and the high percentage of message views, the statistics and the strategies that you can implement.

If you would like to try Callbell and design Broadcast campaigns with this nifty tool, click here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct