Nowadays, the way companies tend to communicate with customers has changed dramatically; the service is faster, the processes take less time and the apps are increasingly simpler. This is why these commercial entities have found themselves forced to change their strategies, giving more value to a customer service focused entirely on resolving problems immediately.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, which has more than two billion active users, is able to offer unique marketing strategies, attracting a huge wave of traffic directed to websites. Therefore, it is absolutely logical to think that increasing leads on WhatsApp can be really useful for your company, which will find itself working more intensely, with the need for new management tools, like Callbell for example.

This is why today we would like to describe five useful strategies for increasing traffic using WhatsApp.

1 – Detach your website from social media


The first thing we recommend you do is create a WhatsApp Business where you will have to enter all the details regarding your business and the URL of your site. 

Next, you will need to share your WhatsApp account via a link, giving users the opportunity to sign up and find you quickly and easily. By sharing your account on WhatsApp Business and on your social networks, you will be able to open a new service channel by communicating through WhatsApp, which can be considered the preferred means of communication by users all over the world.

2 – Share your site by connecting to WhatsApp during marketing campaigns 

Broadcast messages allow you to send text content to thousands and thousands of contacts at the same time. This will allow you to share your site using WhatsApp, creating promotional messages that attract your users while also including the link. 

If you already have a WhatsApp Business account, you can create another one with Callbell and access the WhatsApp API, by taking advantage of all the specific features dedicated to sales and support teams, aimed at creating broadcast campaigns and the rapid and simplified dissemination of your website.

3 – WhatsApp statuses are perfect for generating web traffic 

If your goal is to increase traffic to your site to carry out last minute sales promotions or inform about important discounts, WhatsApp statuses are an excellent way to attract the attention of potential customers.

This happens thanks to the immediacy of the information that reaches users, since the statuses only last 24 hours and can be shared whenever and wherever you want, even in different formats: links, videos, photos, textual content, etc. 

By using these types of media, people will see all the details immediately, perhaps feeling the need to visit the link you are promoting in your story.

4 – Sharing buttons on WhatsApp help attract traffic

A really interesting and useful way to grow traffic on your site or towards a product or service you offer lies in the integration of sharing buttons directly on WhatsApp. This will allow you to send offers or discounts to contacts, attracting their attention through word-of-mouth marketing. 

In order to respond to all possible requests sent by potential customers, we recommend enabling a chatbot (we recommend the one from Callbell) which allows you to automatically reply to all customers.

5 – Promotions and exclusive discounts are an excellent hook for generating web traffic through WhatsApp 

Promotions and exclusive offers in e-commerce or commercial activities are a very important incentive to generate traffic directly on WhatsApp. The basic idea is to send broadcast message campaigns (you can use the broadcast tool proposed by Callbell) with all the most intriguing discounts prepared by your company. In fact, it is precisely in this way that you will always ensure an excellent flow of revenue and potential new customers.

Increase web traffic using WhatsApp


A commercial company that has the skills to exploit the full potential offered by WhatsApp in order to attract traffic to its website has in its hands one of the most important tools of our time. Should you decide to apply the suggestions we have described previously, always consider Callbell as an extremely powerful element to adopt all the aforementioned methodologies and serve your customers easily and immediately.

With the right approach, WhatsApp can become a useful app for increasing traffic and growing your online business. If you want to try Callbell directly connected to WhatsApp, click here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct