Have you ever wondered why sales funnels are so much needed to control all your customers?

For us at Callbell it is extremely important to highlight the use of sales funnels to control customers on WhatsApp. In 2023, companies are willing to understand and develop a correct sales process and it is precisely for this reason that having a sales funnel to configure and use for customers on WhatsApp is so essential.

A sales funnel promises to be a marketing strategy capable of allowing companies and teams to optimize the search for suitable and qualified leads. This obviously leads to an increase in the possibility of attracting new customers willing to purchase services directly from your company. This type of strategies allow you to adequately control each person interested in your company in order to favor the management of each of them.

Now that you have a clearer idea of the importance of sales funnels and how they can help your business grow increasingly more, we want to teach you how to apply a sales funnel directly on WhatsApp so you can easily and quickly control all your customers also and especially with the help of Callbell.

What is a sales funnel on WhatsApp?

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy used by companies with the aim of cataloging and filtering all potential customers who have a higher purchase percentage. In short terms, sales funnels are able to segment quality audiences, excluding those that do not lead to safe purchases, by allowing companies to improve sales rates and create strategies focused on the type of audience that best suits them.

A funnel has different sections, the first where all the overall traffic is received; subsequently, we find small sections where it is possible to filter the market more deeply until you get that kind of desired audience with great sales possibilities. And that is exactly where we are going to take advantage of our audience data in order to create strategies with similar customers, leveraging this same type of strategy.

How to track your customers on WhatsApp?

In order to keep track of your customers directly on WhatsApp, you need to have a tool that allows you to check without problems. In these circumstances, Callbell can really be the salvation, being considered one of the best solutions on the market.

This tool, in addition to offering sales funnels, allows you to add and save the data of all customers within your internal CRM, analyze the statistics of potential customers and your own customer service team, create bots and routing automatic, fully automatically place tags on your customers, etc.

As you can see, the best way to make excellent follow-ups on WhatsApp is to use a Callbell account, taking advantage of its features in order to correctly manage all your customers.

The correct way to accomplish this goal is to configure your WhatsApp and Callbell account, by allowing your customers to be served by the Callbell bot and later, tag customers according to their preferences.

How to apply sales funnels on WhatsApp?

In order to do all this, the important thing is to have Callbell as a tool for creating your sales funnel on WhatsApp and, of course, to associate your WhatsApp Business account with your Callbell account to receive messages directly on the platform.

First of all, you will have to access the “Conversation funnel” section from the settings in your Callbell account, then you will have to click on the “Create funnel” button, assigning a name during the funnel phase (for example, “First contact”), an emoji, an order number, and then save it.

Repeat all the steps described above so as to add the other phases to the funnel (for example, 2. Demonstration, 3. Follow Up, 4. Close, etc.).


How to use the funnel in the Callbell chat module

Once the funnel has been created, agents will be able to select the steps that best match the contact from the chat module. Furthermore, once the stage of the conversation has been selected, the emoji corresponding to the stage of the funnel will appear on the contact image.


The funniest thing is, once you have created the funnel, you can use the filters to quickly check which contacts are at a specific stage in the funnel.

Sales funnel directly on WhatsApp


To conclude, sales funnels are essential to filter all customers and increase excellent marketing strategies capable of allowing companies to develop steadily and effectively.

If you want to try a sales funnel directly on WhatsApp, being able to modify it without too much effort, you absolutely must use Callbell, by clicking here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct