Digital communication is truly essential for any type of business, maintaining it accessible for both customers and you. Keeping your WhatsApp account from being blocked is the company’s responsibility, but unfortunately, these types of blocks are common and also extremely easy to avoid. You must absolutely ensure that your account is not accessed without taking proper advantage of it.

Why can WhatsApp block accounts?

Having an absolutely healthy digital coexistence is fundamental just as it happens in the offline world. This can in fact affect all those involved emotionally, psychologically and economically, encouraging their own protection through companies and users themselves. Precisely because WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform, respecting others is a real priority. Therefore, all interactions have as their main objective taking care of this duty. All this is an easily visible feature for those who receive messages from contacts not present in their address books, without running into impossible problems with unknown users.

Repeated and continuous reports manage to directly warn Meta of the existence of an account that could violate the terms and conditions of use or alter the aforementioned coexistence.

The most common cause is represented by the sending of broadcast messages at specifically inconvenient times, which is why users may report a particular account considering it extremely annoying.

Then, the latter will be examined by artificial intelligence and, in case something strange is discovered, it will be controlled by a human agent. If the reports are found to be accurate, the account will be blocked for 24 hours.

Other equally frequent blocking reasons

There are other reasons why WhatsApp may decide to block a specific account:

– Sending inappropriate or illegal content.

– Using other unofficial WhatsApp apps.

– Failure to respect the privacy and security of other users. 

– Frequent and suspicious number changes.

All the reasons listed above refer to failure to comply with the rules established by WhatsApp, designed specifically to protect digital coexistence and the integrity of the users who participate.

Your company will also have to comply with these terms and conditions if it wants to use the service offered as well as all customer service agents will have to take care of the app. This is why they should be adequately trained on all the useful functions to avoid possible account restrictions.

How long do the lockdowns last?

Blocks on WhatsApp generally last 24 hours, especially if they are caused by an illegal action; if there are frequent, even a week. And in case of serious violations, the account may even be permanently deleted.

However, if your company uses the account responsibly you will not have to worry. On the contrary, if you were to encounter a blockage, the important thing is to know the reason, evaluating the alternatives to resolve it and avoid it in the future. It is possible that the account has been reported for spam, so the measures to be taken are extremely clear.

How can the block be resolved?

The app will notify if the block will last 24 hours or 7 days. Usually, you just need to wait the indicated time and continue with standard use. In order to prevent this from happening again, the important thing is to respect the terms and conditions, use broadcasts correctly, respect account limits and maintain an impeccable reputation.

We always keep in mind that WhatsApp does not warn you in case of blocking, everything happens without notification or explanation of the possible reasons. In fact, knowing the cause of the block is the company’s job, which will have to carry out an in-depth assessment of the conditions and broadcast messages sent.

If you believe that your account has been unfairly blocked, you can contact WhatsApp technical support at: [email protected]. In the email we recommend attaching proof that you have not violated the conditions set by WhatsApp, by submitting an appeal request. You will have to be patient because the answers could arrive even after 48 working hours. If you do not receive any response after this time, you should write to this address: [email protected]

How to avoid blocks on WhatsApp

The limit of messages an account can send

That is right, even conversations have limits within 24 hours which, however, can increase to a useful number for your company. Despite this, for almost all SMEs the first levels are sufficient:

– Level 0 (companies not verified by Meta): 250 messages.

– Level 1: 1,000 messages.

– Level 2: 10,000 messages.

– Level 3: 100,000 messages.

– Level 4: no limit.

These limits apply only to conversations that the company can initiate within 24 hours; but they are not valid as a response to conversations started by users. You must always consider that, once the message limit is reached, it is possible to start another conversation.

How to increase your account level

There is an indispensable factor for increasing or not the expected level of the account: its quality. This presents itself as a reputation system that is affected by the feedback left by Meta and users. The quality of an account is measured by users considering the number of reports and blocks and, by Meta, the use given to the app in terms and conditions, always including absolutely legal and respectful content.

The reputation and level of an account can be checked on WhatsApp Manager, present in Meta Business Manager. This rating is indicated like this:

– Green: excellent condition.

– Yellow: mediocre conditions.

– Red: very bad conditions.

What does this rating have to do with the expected message limit? As long as your account remains Green, your level can increase; however, if it remains Red for 7 consecutive days, it will lower. In order to ensure that the level is increased, you will have to send at least half of the messages available to you for 7 consecutive days. After this, the level will not automatically decrease as long as the count remains either green or yellow.

How to use broadcast messages responsibly

Broadcast messages can become an annoying element for the company, when the procedure is carried out incorrectly. Users who are not interested can easily block or report the company account once they feel a sense of boredom, especially when it comes to frequent messages or messages full of useless information: pure and simple spam.

In order to reduce all this there are strategies that can be used:


This option allows all users to individually choose whether to receive messages or not. If the messages received are not considered annoying, then they will not report the account.

Carry out correct segmentation

It is essential to filter customers by interests and message frequency. You will be able to contribute to this process by providing all the information you are interested in to customers at the most suitable and appropriate times. This is why the data in your databases must be constantly updated and perfectly organized.

Alternatives to sending broadcast messages

There are very specific ways in which the company can communicate with customers simultaneously without having to forcefully use broadcast messages. 

Callbell Broadcast Campaign

The best alternative for sending broadcast messages on WhatsApp are certainly the broadcast campaigns offered by Callbell. With these, through the management of Callbell, you will have the possibility to design, control and supervise all WhatsApp broadcast campaigns in order to improve the results of your communication strategy.

In summary, this particular feature allows you to import your contacts, personalizing messages, adding multimedia content and a CTA button in order to start conversations designed specifically for your customers, while also being able to monitor key parameters like messages sent, opened and read to evaluate the impact of your campaigns launched on WhatsApp. 

You will always have to keep in mind that it is absolutely essential to have a Callbell account which you can create by clicking here.

WhatsApp Statuses

All agents can encourage users to save their company phone number (never forget that the account can still be reported). Here is how you can upload WhatsApp statuses by entering the most relevant and useful details. What we recommend most is the creation of graphic brochures or “flyers”, as for example happens with posts on Instagram.

Broadcast channel

The broadcast channel is extremely useful for transmitting information. One strategy to make it increasingly popular among your customers is to prioritize advertising on social media, mentioning for example the advantages of a possible subscription, the most relevant information, offers or news.

WhatsApp groups

Group chats are extremely useful for talking to multiple people using a single message. A great strategy could be to offer a link to customers to sign up, like a recurring link. In order to avoid possible conflicts between agents or the need for a moderator, you can set messages to be sent exclusively by group administrators. Obviously the central idea is to send messages during office hours in order to make everything more meaningful and immediate.


Relationship between blocks and brand image

Should the company account be blocked or permanently disabled and therefore have to change the telephone number, you will lose credibility in the eyes of your customers, giving the impression of offering fraud or a poor service, especially if the blocks they are continuous. This is why you should always keep your WhatsApp account open according to the terms and conditions provided by the platform.

Using a CRM like Callbell can help you make the use of WhatsApp extremely powerful and under control since it has some features that allow you to avoid continuous blocks: basic segmentation, saving of contact details, organizational planning of all shipments, a number greater number of agents capable of responding in a personalized way, templates, automation with chatbots and much more. 

All these features help maintain healthy and effective contact management, along with extremely efficient broadcast mailing campaigns, capable of leading to ever higher business growth.

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