Paying attention to all the messages we receive on Instagram is very important, as it helps to improve the relationship with our customers and followers. Hence, their comments and reactions should always be taken into account, showing a sincere commitment to participate and share any opinions, questions or recommendations that customers may make.

About 150 million people every month get in touch with companies through the Instagram platform, so it’s logical to think that this social network is one of the most influential and important of recent times.

We also know how fundamental it is for companies, and that is why we offer you some of the best tips for using Instagram as a communication bridge with your customers in order to improve the relationship with each of them.

Best practices to improve communication

Best practices to improve communication

Pay attention to every reaction your followers have

Every action that our followers take on Instagram is very important, so it is advisable to respond to every comment, like, message, always paying particular attention to everything they express, so that your relationship with them can constantly improve.

Mention your customers

Mentioning people with each reply in a comment is very important, as the notification goes straight to their inbox and greatly facilitates feedback between your account and their.

Respond to important conversations via Direct

Sometimes will people will contact you to enquire about the service you offer, the prices or general questions. Remember that it is very important to reply to these messages and inform the customer that their enquiry  being taken care of.

Quick replies save time

Using Quick Replies saves time. With these you can select a previously written answer instead of rewriting it.

Use a lot of interactive content (surveys, trivia and questions)

Making your content interactive is extremely important; for this, it is highly recommended to create stories with surveys, trivia or questions that your audience can answer, this generates direct conversations that improve communication and perhaps generate interest in what you offer.

Instagram features to gain customer attention

There are several features within the Instagram application that can help you optimize  customer service processes. Among these we have some rather interesting ones that we will comment on here:

Interactive polling and message functionality

On Instagram you can send stories with some particularities such as polls, questions or simply tags. These are very interesting features and capable of capturing the customer’s attention and generating messages.

Comments and reactions

There are types of comments that can let your customers know that you are really interested in what they share or prefer, just like they can comment and react to your posts. Always keep in mind that replying to everyone is very important.

Direct messages

Direct messages can be used to chat with customers privately: in this way it is possible to support, sell and capture the attention of your customer.

Connection to other social networks

We can connect our Instagram account to other social networks in such a way that everything we publish is posted directly to the connected networks, in order to attract more audience.

API connection

Soon Instagram will have the ability to make an API connection through external tools, which will facilitate the use of the social network for work teams where different agents can help customers who write directly via Instagram from a single place. Here it will be possible to view statistics and metrics, assign customers, send multimedia files and much more to optimize the communication process.

Communicating well means selling more

Communicating well means selling more

Communicating effectively is the key to establishing quality relationships of any kind, as it marks the success of that particular relationship, both personal and professional. The most common problems are related to skills in the area of communication and it is the quality of the latter that determines the development of our relationships and their success.

Offering effective communication is essential in the professional field, where there is continuous interaction between bosses, colleagues, suppliers, customers, etc.

Therefore, if we communicate effectively, we will be able to establish better relationships with our customers and develop trust that translates into sales. To do this, you need: clarity, ownership, conciseness, feedback, empathy, active listening and respect.

Instagram to communicate with customers

Tools to improve the communication process

Did you know that there are tools that can help you get better results on Instagram, thus increasing communication, sales, organization and much more?

We recommend a tool that will solve many organizational problems of the team for your Instagram account: if you receive a lot of messages and questions on a daily basis, not only on the aforementioned platform, but also on other social networks such as Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp, we suggest you use Callbell.

This tool was developed specifically to integrate every communication channel in your company, so that all messages received reach a single mailbox and are assigned to your sales, customer service or technical support team, offering metrics and functionalities that can greatly improve the communication process within your business.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and (soon) Instagram Direct