Multi-agent WhatsApp is a feature that allows us to use the WhatsApp Business API in a particularly effective way, as it is capable of serving a large number of users at the same time through your support team from a single WhatsApp number: this means that you can create all the agents you need based on your customers, each with their own account and from a single WhatsApp number, incredible right?

Now, the most important question is, how can we get a multi-agent WhatsApp since the app doesn’t offer this functionality? The answer is very simple, we must use an external service that allows us to have a specialized platform to manage a multi-agent service, so as to be able to offer all our collaborators the possibility to connect to a single number from the same tool.

What should I consider when choosing a multi-agent WhatsApp platform?

First of all, you need to understand what the limits of your budget are, since this type of software is quite expensive and not all companies can take on such important costs therefore,

1) Initially you should look for a platform that fits your pocket

2) Then take into consideration if your company or business is really ready to use multi-agent WhatsApp. Remember, this type of functionality is only useful if you have a large number of requests, resulting in the need for multiple agents to serve your users.

3) Finally, you need to choose a platform that is stable and has excellent customer service so that should an inconvenience arise, it can be resolved quickly.

What should I consider when choosing a multi-agent WhatsApp platform?

What are the best Multi-agent WhatsApp platforms?

Now, we will show you the 10 best Multi-agent WhatsApp platforms for you to decide which one is the best for your needs.


a) Callbell

Callbell is one of the best options to start using multi-agent WhatsApp, not only because the price is very favorable, but also because the platform is very easy to use, intuitive and efficient and also allows us to use multiple service channels such as Telegram, Instagram Direct, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

Moreover the platform is designed and optimized for sales, support, administration, customer service teams, offering agent reports, business metrics, lots of chat features and the ability to send files, images, text and video. Callbell’s support is excellent for serving your customers quickly even in minutes.

You can also send files, images, text and videos, Callbell has also just activated its multi-agent Instagram Direct option which makes it a much more complete solution.

Plus, Callbell’s support is excellent, they are very friendly and respond quickly to their customers, even within minutes. It is undoubtedly one of the best options you have to activate WhatsApp multi-agent for computers.


b) Hibot

Hibot is a platform that, focusing on WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger, offers us customer service solutions from different channels, including multi-agent WhatsApp which is the most important. This allows you to connect multiple agents to a single WhatsApp number, thus being able to serve all customers from one place.

Moreover, it offers the possibility to create metrics and bots to automate the processes within the different enabled service channels. These are generally focused on using bots and this is usually their strong point along with communication automation, which we don’t recommend, as customers tend to appreciate a more “human” treatment. It is a somewhat complicated tool to use at first but, with some practice, you can get the hang of it.

Finally, the price is of intermediate range, that is, small and medium-sized enterprises could acquire the service, but it must always be considered that their customer service is not the best on the market.


c) Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer support tool that allows you to connect your agents with customers via WhatsApp so that they can be served from the same Zendesk platform without having to log into the messaging app.

Plus, you can track all your agents’ activities so you can evaluate their daily or monthly performance. Moreover, Zendesk not only focuses on WhatsApp, but also on multiple platforms that you can integrate and that will make your life much easier, being effective and useful.

You can also use Zendesk for technical support, sales, and teams. However, you should always consider the high price of this service. For this reason, we recommend that you only choose this platform if you really need it, as it presents itself as a good but expensive tool from which you can get many benefits.


d) Leadsales

Leadsales is a platform created in Mexico in 2020, it is focused exclusively on WhatsApp, therefore it has only one communication channel and basically offers the same service as other similar companies, namely WhatsApp multi-agent for teams. This tool focuses on small businesses that have more than one agent whose job is to answer requests in the instant messaging app.

Leadsales is one of the lowest priced tools on the market if we compare it to other similar solutions; however, it only focuses on WhatsApp. So, if you are looking for a tool that offers Instagram, Twitter, Telegram or Facebook as channels, beware, Leadsales is not for you. In addition to these services, it also offers a CRM for WhatsApp where you can manage your customers and follow the entire sales process, see their status and save all their information. It presents itself as a great tool for teams where customers are managed on a daily basis to try to get sales, and then manage them.


e) Hiwabot

Hiwabot is a solution designed for the sales, support and logistics teams that WhatsApp, Facebook, web chat and Instagram offer us as main service channels. The price is a bit high only if we add all the service channels and real-time metrics that are used to follow all the agents within the team. Some of the things we can see are: response time, number of messages sent, number of cases followed, and much more.

What makes this solution very attractive is having an integrated order management system that can allow you to manage all purchases or customer inquiries on your website, which works perfectly for online stores, e-commerce and retail stores. Finally, Hiwabot also offers chatbots that can automate conversations and streamline certain processes.


f) Sirena

Sirena is a fairly complete app, it has integrations for tools like MercadoLibre, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and much more. In fact, this is precisely the strong point of Sirena and this is why many companies decide to use this solution. Despite this, there are some points to take into consideration when choosing Sirena, among them is the complexity of the software which, having so many integrations, becomes a bit difficult to learn and for this reason the on-boarding process it turns out slow and boring.

Moreover, the cost is high and this means that small and medium-sized businesses cannot acquire this solution or at least it becomes very difficult to do so, as Sirena charges a surplus for each WhatsApp message sent in a conversation that has not been opened for more than 24 hours or if it exceeds the limit of monthly messages sent; also, the support is not very good as they only offer customer service via email and they usually take a long time to respond. It presents itself as a good service, except for its service and the high investment cost.

g) is a very complete platform with many interesting integrations, among these we find tools for everyday use and also communication channels such as: Google Drive, Gmail, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Viber, Twitter, Outlook and much more. It should be noted that, having so many integrations (there are so many) it becomes a bit complicated to learn how to use, which turns out to be a bit slow and difficult.

Moreover, one of the strengths of this tool is its speed, as the platform itself emphasizes on their website how fast the service is, including sending and receiving messages from any communication channel; you can assign chats, perform payment receipts, shared inbox, permissions check and more. A negative aspect for this service is the customer service support which is not very good, and the fact that it’s such a complete platform makes it a bit expensive for medium and small businesses.


h) Infobip

Infobip it is an interesting and very complete solution, as it has solutions for almost all customer needs and multiple interesting integrations on channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and more. Among the features that you can find within Infobip, we mention WhatsApp’s API, event triggered actions, marketing automation.

The downside to this solution is the price, as it is extremely expensive and not many companies can afford to pay the monthly subscription fee. If you are therefore a small or medium-sized company, this will certainly be a very expensive tool, so before deciding we recommend that you see other options such as Callbell.

Finally, we must highlight that Infobip offers solutions in the fields of security, customer integration, customer loyalty, customer service and operational efficiency, as well as offering a service in which it is possible to acquire a phone number (all the ones we want) in more than 50 countries through their own platform using an API.


i) B2chat

B2chat has some interesting features that differentiate it from the competition: among these we find the possibility of enabling chat bots in the various communication channels that are offered to us, which allows you to automate and streamline the customer service process, provide advanced reports that allow you to measure the quality and effectiveness of each agent of your team, departments to which you can assign predefined chats and answers that allow you to respond, through a predefined setting, to the frequently asked questions of customers, having the possibility to also integrate the tool with Freshdesk and Zendesk.

They offer two types of plans, one more expensive than the other and the difference between the two is that one works with WhatsApp and the other does not, the price is not very high if WhatsApp is not used but, on the contrary, if we decide to do so, the price will increase significantly. Finally, the communication channels they have available are: Messenger from Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and Livechat.


j) Atom

Atom is a platform that offers different solutions for WhatsApp and other service channels. Like the other apps, Atom offers support for multi-agent WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and E-mail. They also offer chatbots that work automatically and improve process efficiency, real-time metrics solutions that allow you to know the general monthly situation of your business, analysis and reports on the number of messages sent, tickets resolved, customers served by your agents and the ability to sell prepaid telephone lines directly through the various service channels.

One of the distinctive qualities of Atom is the ability to manage collection or bank services via WhatsApp, allowing you to make requests on account, bank statement and credit or debit card balances: it facilitates some complex or boring banking operations to carry out.

As for the pricing, this differs depending on what your business needs the most, so you will have to go through a demo process where one of the Atom agents will share a screen with you and show you all the operations of their platform to get to know the final price of the tool.

Multi-agent WhatsApp platforms


In conclusion, many tools offer similar solutions, but all differ in prices and features: some are more expensive and others, on the other hand, cheaper. For this reason, we invite you to analyze them one by one, so as to have a clear idea of what you need, evaluating the best offers for your company.

Frequent Questions

What are the main multi-agent WhatsApp platforms?

There are many platforms where you can use WhatsApp Multi-agent, but among all there are some that differ from the others and provide added value to your communication process. The main multi-agent WhatsApp platforms are: Callbell, B2chat, Infobip, Wati, Sirena, Hiwabot, Leadsales, Zendesk, Atom and

Many of these tools have similar characteristics; however, they also have features that differ from others and are worth knowing, we encourage you to review them in detail so you can choose the best option for your business.

What should I take in account when choosing a multi-agent WhatsApp platform?

Look for a platform that fits your budget, so always take into consideration if your company or business is really ready to use a multi-agent WhatsApp. Remember that this type of functionality is only useful if you have a very high number of requests and therefore need multiple agents who can serve all your customers. Finally, you need to choose a stable platform with excellent customer service so that, should a problem or inconvenience arise, it can be resolved immediately.

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