Customer service is a cornerstone for any kind of business, enterprise, organization or company. This is because its major function is establishing the first contact with potential customers and living daily with the will to solve all the issues and problems expressed by them. It is true, it is a quite easy task to accomplish, but it can sometimes really throw you off the rails. 

There are days when so many questions regarding completely different topics and it is there that you can notice how essential the customer service can be and the innumerable benefits this can bring to companies.

An effective way to improve customer service is to use templates. They are focused on customer service agents, being able to help save time, improving work efficiency and making everything simpler.

In this article, we are going to take a look at how you can use these templates to improve customer service, and then share with you some important tools for using them. 

What are customer service templates and where can they be used?

Message templates are pre-set texts written by a supervisor or a manager in order to quickly and easily answer the most shared questions expressed by customers. They are also used to save time by writing down information that can be shared by several customers on a daily basis. We must always consider that the perfect thing to do is to use tools like Callbell capable of helping you create templates for your WhatsApp Business API accounts. 

Regarding the different kind of models is concerned, is limitless. You can create as many templates as you like by using the themes you like the most. However, remember that the important thing is saving time and improving productivity during the working activities: these are the goals to be achieved.

Which platforms allow me to use templates in WhatsApp?

There are different platforms that allow you to use message templates on WhatsApp Business, here we describe you some of them:



Callbell is a multi-channel platform focused on the communication and capable of centralizing all the interactions in one single place. It also presents itself as a multi-device and extremely cooperative platform. It can offer integration with the API of WhatsApp Business, by allowing you to use WhatsApp within Callbell and therefore being able to send messages to users. 

Moreover, this tool gives a variety of pre-set message templates for businesses in order to automate their customer interactions directly on WhatsApp Business. These templates can be easily changed in order to meet all the needs of the company and its customers

WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business API

It is an extremely useful service for all companies that use WhatsApp as their main platform. It differs from the traditional service, as it is aimed at companies and is therefore able to save a number of specific features like green check, message templates, bots and analytics that are not available in the standard version of WhatsApp app and they are distributed only through the built-in API thanks to tools like Callbell. 



This is a cloud service that you can open whenever you have an Internet connection, being able to connect to WhatsApp through an API. Within this platform you can create and personalize pre-set messages and templates in order to easily use them in your own conversations. 



Landbot is a chatbot platform that allows you to create, personalize and configure your chatbots to be used on social networks, including WhatsApp. Being a particularly good bot platform, it also allows you to create and configure templates to be used within your interactions in the moment in which you are not using bots or when the conversation is sent to a human for a follow-up. 

These platforms are just some of the ones on the market to use. We recommend Callbell, but as we always say, you have to choose the platform able to satisfy all your needs and preferences.

Improve your customer service with Callbell templates

Discover the message templates offered by Callbell, a marvellous tool focused on the improving customer service in order to help customers faster. 

In fact, with these templates you can add information that is usually monotonous, customizing it with emojis that can grab the attention of the youngest and adding calls to action to dampen the monotony. In addition, Callbell has multiple features that greatly complement this service; like, CRM, sales funnel, analytics, quick replies, automatic routing and much more. 

In general, WhatsApp message templates that can be used also with Callbell are very useful for companies that constantly talk and communicate with their own customers.

Improve your customer service using WhatsApp templates


In conclusion, using templates on WhatsApp is very advantageous to companies, as it makes communication extremely efficient and highlights the agentsworkload. If you desire to use this kind of message and try this feature, sign up for Callbell and start chatting with your customers using templates.

Frequent Questions

What are customer service templates and where can they be used?

Customer service templates are pre-defined documents that contain answers to common questions and issues that may arise while interacting with customers. These templates can be used in various customer service channels, such as email, live chat, social networks and telephone service.

Templates are a useful tool for customer service representatives to save time and ensure consistent and accurate answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, templates can help customer service representatives provide faster and more efficient service to customers.

Templates are also useful for businesses as they can ensure that customers receive quick and accurate responses, which can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. Templates can also be customized to reflect the brand voice and personality of the company.

Can your customer service be improved with Callbell templates?

Callbell’s message templates , businesses can automate certain responses to frequently asked questions or common customer requests. This helps speed up response times and improve the efficiency of the customer support team .

In addition, message templates can also help ensure consistency in company responses. By having pre-defined templates, customer service agents can follow a set script and ensure that the correct and complete responses are provided to customers.

Another benefit of using message templates in Callbell is that customer service agents can easily customize pre-defined messages to suit specific customer needs. This allows agents to provide a personalized experience to customers, which can improve satisfaction and retention.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct