Take blip or Blip is a cloud-based platform and focused entirely on communication and integration of various messaging channels, like email, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.

This platform offers its customers an interface that presents a communication system, capable of unifying different apps in one place, where useful tools for sales and support teams can also be used. These include statistics, chatbots, funnels, creating marketing campaigns, conversations and e-commerce.

Undoubtedly, it seems like an excellent advantage for your company but, since all that glitters is not gold, in this article we want to show you all the advantages of Take blip by comparing it with Callbell, starting from the features up to the price.

What is Take blip?

Take blip or Blip is a cloud platform capable of integrating a wide variety of tools, all aimed at improving functionality for both sales and support teams. Among them are messaging apps, widely used by millions of users and companies around the world. However, the main feature of this tool is the ability to centralize messages in one place.

One of the most interesting points of Take Blip is the ability to focus on 3 primary features or solutions. The first is conversational commerce where you manage chats, the second is marketing campaigns and the last is attention received and given. Take blip offers its users a solid interface capable of managing all the needs of its customers, resolving any doubts or requests.

What is Callbell?

On the other hand, Callbell presents itself as a multi-device, multi-channel and multi-user platform, capable of managing all chats coming from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct and Telegram in one place.

This tool offers enormous added value to companies with its multiple features. These are not only limited to communications management, but also to the creation of a powerful CRM within their system, thanks to which users can generate lists and databases, with sales funnels capable of tracking the customer’s purchasing cycle directly from the interactions we had. They also have a powerful one-of-a-kind chatbot that not only automates conversations but also shares multimedia content, videos, documents, directions on Google Maps and much more.

Callbell offers metrics entirely dedicated to sales and support teams, as well as several types of integrations with WhatsApp in order to manage all contacts, integrating the WhatsApp Business API, connecting QR codes and the WhatsApp cloud API (this latest for API self-management and faster updates).

Last, but not least, Callbell is exceptional and the departments are always able to provide help and support to all their users, solving problems and doubts.

Let’s compare the features of both tools

Both tools have advantages and disadvantages. Here we want to show you a general overview of their features so you can decide which platform might be right for you.


1) Chatbot module (flow generator)

2) Multi-channel, multi-user messaging center.

3) Advanced analytics and statistics for both sales and support teams.

4) Broadcast module, marketing advertising campaigns directly on WhatsApp.

5) Integrations with external tools such as Zapier and Callbell API.

6) Sales funnel (tracking the customer sales cycle)

7) CRM integrated into the Callbell account.

8) WhatsApp cloud API integration (for greater and better stability and for all service updates) 

Take Blip

1) Chatbots

2) Messaging Center

3) Analysis and statistics

4) Sending broadcast messages

5) Integrations with external tools

Advantages of Callbell over Take blip

In this part of the article, we want to make a comparison between the two services. We already know that Take blip is an excellent service dedicated to large companies but, despite this, it still has disadvantages compared to Callbell. Here we show you the advantages that Callbell offers compared to Take Blip:

1) Callbell features an integrated CRM where you can save all your databases.

2) Fully customized sales funnels, working in conjunction with the chat module.

3) An extremely intuitive and continuously updated chat builder.

4) Personalized and specialized support.

5) Competitive prices

6) Campaigns for sending broadcast messages directly on WhatsApp.

Callbell is a great option for small, medium and large businesses. Overall, it features everything needed for businesses to grow, maturing interactions efficiently and quickly.

If you want to try it for free for 7 days, click here.


Let’s compare the prices of both instruments

The time has come for what you were waiting for most: let’s compare the prices of both tools, Callbell and Take blip. This will help you decide based on your current situation and which platform might be right for you.


As you now know, Callbell is a SAS company, capable of offering an integrated and multi-functional platform for both sales and support teams. Among the different possibilities, we find detailed statistics, the sales funnel, the integrated CRM, the advanced Chatbot creator, the integration with ChatGPT and much more.

This tool also has a dedicated customer support department to resolve any issues that may arise from your account, with frequent training and constant updates.

The plans offered by Callbell: 

Multi agent chat

This plan was created for both small and medium-sized businesses that have few customer service agents and receive a moderate number of messages per month. It offers a chat management module, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and a mobile app for 15 USD per month per single contracted agent.

If you wish, you can also add WhatsApp and Instagram service directly to your account with a monthly value of $55 for the former and $22 for the latter. Always consider that this is a one-off price, not per agent.

Additionally, you will also get an advanced module for creating chatbots for $66 per month and $22 to add an account to each existing channel. 

Multi agent chat plus

This plan includes everything we presented in the regular one, with the addition of dedicated support, advanced statistics, API with integrations and a verified WhatsApp request.

It is important to note that this is a plan where you will have to pay extra for WhatsApp, Instagram, Chatbot module and extra accounts (only if you want to add them).

Take Blip vs. Callbell

Take Blip

The plans offered by Take Blip are:

Lite, plus, and super

For the first (we can take the same example for the others), the minimum value charged is 1,199 Brazilian reals, or approximately 235 USD. This plan offers up to 10 agents, only 800 monthly conversations, and Blip resources that include all features.

The difference between this and Callbell’s offerings is that Callbell allows you to hire a lower minimum number of agents (3) than Blip, as a result, the price is also lower and may better suit your needs. Even though it charges an additional $54 to integrate with WhatsApp, Callbell guarantees a monthly credit of $50 to cover the expenses of WhatsApp conversations on Meta (you guessed it right, Meta charges a percentage for all chats held on WhatsApp).

So, this cost covers up to 2,000 monthly conversations; Callbell, on the other hand, allows 1,200 more than Take Blip. If you would like more information on how the costs of the plans offered by Callbell work, click here.

Note: For other plans, Take Blip is the same as what we have already said above. The ability for Callbell to charge based on how many agents you have, without necessarily having to hire a plan with a predefined number of agents, makes it a fantastic option for businesses in all types of industries. Unlike Take Blip, Callbell guarantees more specialized support, capable of going hand in hand with your goals.

One of the big differences with Take Blip are the features: advanced statistics and API integration with ChatGPT. All this allows for automated responses thanks to artificial intelligence.

Take Blip vs. Callbell


As you can see, both tools that we have presented to you are excellent, managing to satisfy the objective of improving communication with your company. However, Callbell turns out to be more intuitive and economical, also having a truly excellent service.

We strongly recommend that you try Callbell for free for 7 days, allowing you to discover for yourself everything this platform has to offer you. Try it free for 7 days by clicking here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct