Over the years, all companies have decided to be increasingly present in the media, including messaging apps. Nowadays we find two main apps used by many users to communicate and talk: WhatsApp and Telegram.

Precisely for this reason, marketing strategies and promotional activities had to evolve, leading companies to devise strategies suitable for sales and contact with the customer, by attracting and achieving constant growth of the brand.

Especially on Telegram, companies have found extremely interesting features in order to develop authentic strategies. This is certainly due to the enormous capacity to come up with new ideas and automation. Currently on Telegram it is possible to create bots capable of serving all customers and selling the products offered.

Furthermore, transmission and messaging channels can be configured with the sole purpose of quickly contacting as many people as possible. Another interesting ability provided by Telegram is that of open source: that is why companies choose to transfer all their users to this platform, as it is much easier to develop strategies in order to connect with their favorite platforms without having to abandon or stop using Telegram itself.

To better explain all this, we have decided to create an updated guide for 2023 on Telegram and the ways in which it is possible to market with it.

Understand how marketing on Telegram works

Telegram is an excellent platform to use for marketing and communication. In fact, this app presents extremely interesting features, aimed at the relational management of all customers. Among them, we find the possibility of creating communities and groups, bringing users inside, allowing them to receive messages from administrators in the form of promotions, information on products or services and much more. Beyond this, people and brands using Groups can simply interact with each other, providing personal feedback on their commerce experiences.

Another very important feature of Telegram is marketing automation. This means that, with this app, it is possible to create bots in order to automate interactions and entire processes. In fact, these tools can be modified in such a way as to send surveys, lists, photos, videos, automatically carrying out conversations with customers or potential customers without the constant presence of human agents. That is why you will be able to realize how Telegram can represent enormous potential in terms of marketing and automation.

How to use Telegram groups and channels for marketing?

In order to advertise on Telegram in a useful and exemplary way is to create a group or channel. This will in fact allow companies to get in direct contact with customers and potential customers. This means that users can receive promotional information in different ways (like images, videos or text).

Another particularly interesting point can be found in the groups where customers and potential customers can respond to messages, interacting directly with the company and by generating higher leads. In this way, you will be able to position yourself on the market in a practically impeccable, fast and effective manner.

This also happens in more conventional messaging or email marketing. However, what makes everything more particular and efficient is certainly the presence of channels and groups.

Now that you are aware of how the channels offered by Telegram work and how you can use them for your marketing proposals, you are ready to move forward with ads.

Ads on Telegram to increase sales

Using Telegram has become one of the best strategies of the last period, thanks to the popularity of the platform. Thanks to this, the service has created an ads system to allow companies to start strengthening their commercial activity in an extremely effective way.

Telegram is an excellent app and, at the same time, a service very similar to that offered by WhatsApp. This is because it allows individuals and companies to interact with text messages, videos, audio notes, calls or video calls. Although the app may look a lot like the competition, the features offered are really interesting and we would like to present them to you below:

1) Telegram is multiplatform: this means that it can be used on any device.

2) Telegram ads can be used on a device even without having previously installed it on another.

3) You have the possibility of using Telegram through a web page without necessarily having to download the app.

4) Ability to have bots and automations.

The only thing absolutely necessary to use the Telegram ads is to have an active phone number, since part of the Telegram verification experience lies in the telephone service.

Tips for improving marketing within messaging apps

While there are several actions you can take to improve marketing in messaging apps, each company requires specific ones.

Nowadays, we want to share with you some of the most useful marketing tips to apply within the messaging app market:

1) Create a channel for the company that has its own URL

Creating your own channel with a personalized URL for your customers and potential customers is essential: this will allow the company to communicate freely with customers.

2) Promote content on channels for free

A huge advantage of Telegram is the ability to create content for free and invite whoever you want. Therefore, this involves a promotion of information at no cost.

3) Avoid self-promotion

An essential point is to understand that self-promotion can damage the company. That is why it is essential to maintain a balance between promoting your services or products and useful information shared with the public.

4) Create contests and giveaways to increase user engagement

This is surely a very practical tip for attracting new followers to your channels. In fact, remember that incentives always attract a very large number of users.

5) Promote other social networks

An action to take is undoubtedly to sponsor your communication channels, taking advantage of all your networks.

6) Apply ads on Telegram

A final piece of advice is to take advantage of Telegram ads for greater and better exposure to users. This means configuring and segmenting the adss adequately, in order to allow the company to create always interesting campaigns, capable of increasing sales of the products and services you are going to present.

Marketing on Telegram


In conclusion, doing marketing directly on Telegram is an excellent strategy to consistently increase sales. If you manage to develop these activities in a clear and efficient manner, you will notice a gradual growth of customers and potential customers.

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