Todos, absolutamente todos recibimos mensaje en WhatsApp de forma diaria, pero qué tal si uno de esos mensajes es muy divertido, qué tal si aporta algo de información, conocimiento útil y entretenido a tu día y aparte, es un mensaje promocional donde puedes seleccionar un producto o servicio que te gusta, las cosas serían muy diferentes, no?

El contenido atractivo en WhatsApp es sumamente necesario hoy en día si quieres que tu negocio sea exitoso. Debes tener en cuenta que las personas son bombardeadas constantemente con publicidad y puede que estén un poco reacias a ver tu contenido, por esto es necesario que seas consciente y realices contenido único que ayude y aporte valor a los clientes.

Recuerda que hacer contenido de valor para los clientes mediante WhatsApp, aumentar a lealtad y significancia de la empresa para los clientes. Por esta razón te vamos a compartir las 3 mejores ideas para crear contenido atractivo en WhatsApp en 2024.

What are the 3 best ideas for creating attractive content on WhatsApp in 2024?

We know very well that there are various methods to increase customer interaction on WhatsApp. Among them we remember the creation of weekly or monthly reports containing relevant information, lead magnets capable of attracting external attention, promotions and much more.

Despite this, in today’s article, we would like to recommend 3 useful ideas for creating successful and innovative content on WhatsApp in order to communicate perfectly with your audience.

1) Know the audience the content will be addressed to

Knowing your audience is really important when you want to create high-quality content on WhatsApp as it gives you different insights into their tastes and interests. In this way, you will have the opportunity to create something perfectly customized and in line with every type of audience. In addition, you will be able to:

 Adapt tone and style:

The ideal would be to create content according to the age, interests and educational level of the target users. A younger audience will be more interested in emojis and multimedia, while an older audience will be interested in information and captivating titles. Interests are a turning point even when we talk about tastes and preferences. Remember that if you decide to create content that pays attention to the factors described above, it will undoubtedly be more effective.

Choose the right type of content to share

Another fundamental feature is choosing the most suitable type of content, the format and the purpose with which we wish to create it: serious, entertaining, informative, etc.

This will make users even more receptive to what we send. Since WhatsApp is a direct channel, we must always consider that receiving a lot of spam can be boring, which is why we must always think before forwarding content.

Increase participation and interaction with the public:

In order to achieve the following objective, it is essential to create highly interactive content, together with messages capable of making the public ask questions or even polls that encourage interaction and participation.

2) Use interesting and captivating elements

One of the most important concepts to remember concerns maintaining the simplicity of the content, which must be extremely easy to understand and read. To do this, you should use interactive tools, such as:

Product catalogue: Show all your products with photos, descriptions and prices, so as to attract the attention of potential customers.

Product tags: Tag all products within images or videos so they are visible in the catalogue and can be purchased with just one click.

Statuses on WhatsApp: Share relevant and viewable content for 24 hours, announcing promotions, sharing funny moments or giving the opportunity to participate in quick surveys.

3) Prefer short but targeted messages as they are more effective

Nowadays, giving the right attention is essential. People receive many messages every day and that is why you need to capture their attention immediately. Choosing short and precise messages allows you to activate everything, increasing the chances of being read and remembered.

On the contrary, longer messages are difficult to receive, especially if they have to be displayed on the mobile phone screen. This is why we always recommend using clear language that is easily readable and understandable everywhere, even on the move. 

In addition, short and perfectly focused messages very often create a sense of urgency, leading customers to act immediately, aiding advertising campaigns that seek to increase sales or generate leads.

Include calls to action

Always keep in mind that calls to action can promote the acquisition of useful leads for the company. If your WhatsApp messages meet all the above requirements, the content you share will be appreciated and suitable for your target audience.

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Creating attractive content on WhatsApp


In the end, when the contents are captivating, they are welcomed everywhere, they are not on WhatsApp. This is why we recommend that you follow these good practices that we have shared in the following article, creating valuable content for everyone. This way, you will achieve tangible results and happier, more loyal customers.

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