In the time period between 2023 and 2024, the digital market will continue to grow exponentially. All this means that sales, acquisition of new customers, leads and prospects will increase thanks to the digital strategies that companies will use to attract their audiences.

One of the most used communication channels is certainly WhatsApp. In fact, most users have an account that they use to communicate with all the contacts they have saved, starting from companies up to family and friends. This process can give us a clear idea of the enormous potential of this messaging app for both sales and digital development of companies.

For this reason, companies choose to create marketing campaigns on this platform, especially through broadcast messages. Then, companies promote their products, services and discounts by sending information via WhatsApp to all contacts. Although this seems like an idyllic panorama, there are problems that make it difficult, like the blocking that WhatsApp places for spam and the violation of some of its policies.

In this article, we desire to teach you how to send WhatsApp messages without being blocked and which tool you can use to do it in the best way.

What are broadcast messages on WhatsApp?

Mass sending on WhatsApp is a marketing campaign in which predetermined messages are sent to a large number of contacts and, sometimes, personalized.

A broadcast message is not a real transmission, because the latter is sent to different contacts and, when they respond, a separate chat will open. On the other hand, mass sending is a normal message sent to a list of users in an entirely individual manner.

These messages are extremely popular in order to communicate offers, detailed information, discounts, showing new products and services.

Why does WhatsApp block some broadcast campaigns?

There are several reasons why WhatsApp decides to block a specific phone number or WhatsApp account when sending broadcast messages. Among these reasons, we find: 

1) Multiple blocks on your account

When organizing broadcast campaigns, you tend to send the same message to multiple users at the same time. That is why it is necessary that, before creating a strategy, an analysis is carried out in order to segment your potential customers, offering the perfect and customized products.

This occurs because if multiple users block the same number or account on WhatsApp in a short time, the platform can block it perfectly.

WhatsApp’s action is to block numbers in a very short period of time. The app’s algorithm assumes that particular number is using a service inappropriately and, with the aim of protecting users, blocks it. Therefore, it is really essential to research your target so as not to offer them elements that go beyond their interests so as to block everything. 

2) Sending the same message to all contacts

Although WhatsApp does not specify the exact number of users to whom that particular message is sent and when. Always consider that it is recommended to personalize messages with details, so as to avoid possible inconveniences.

Always consider that this is an extremely popular reason for WhatsApp to block the user. 

3) Violation of the terms of service on WhatsApp

Another reason why this messaging app blocks some numbers concerns policies: this means that, in the event that WhatsApp believes that the company in question has violated certain policies and terms, the number associated with the account will be blocked.

If your account is blocked for one of the following reasons, the only solution is to contact WhatsApp via email at this address: [email protected].

What is Callbell and how to send broadcast campaigns with this tool without being blocked?

Callbell is a tool capable of creating interactions between companies and customers. Therefore it is a platform in which 4 communication channels can be connected (WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook Messenger).

In addition to featuring several sub-tools for sales and support teams, Callbell offers a Broadcast module in order to run mass campaigns directly on WhatsApp without running into a block. This particular module is perfect for mass communication with potential customers, leading to different types of information (exclusively marketing, details and notifications).

Additionally, in this module, it is possible to measure the performance of the campaigns created, measuring the percentage of message reading, along with the delivery and reception of customers or potential ones.

Send WhatsApp broadcast messages without being blocked

For all customers who integrate WhatsApp using the API, it is possible to send broadcast messages via a contact list. Unlike broadcasts sent with the WhatsApp Business app, broadcasts sent via WhatsApp Business API accounts will also be delivered to those who have not saved your business number.

Important: Telephone numbers must have the international prefix (for example, for Spain +34)

You can transmit via WhatsApp without running into a possible block using Callbell as follows:

Using the Callbell broadcast module (independent); for the purpose of sending messages, we recommend that you follow the guidelines, summarized here:

1) Load a CVS with a single column called Phone (example)

2) Choose the template and then upload an image or document*

3) Confirm sending the message

Broadcast with variables

Another option for companies that want to send broadcast messages that feature specific variables are broadcasts that feature changes: these types of campaigns feature templates in which it is possible to add textual variables, then dynamically replacing them with data from a CSV format file.

For example, you can use a message template like this: “Hi, {{1}}. We confirm your order: Order number: {{2}}, Item name: {{3}}”, completing the variable spaces customized for each individual contact.

Remember that the following spaces will need to be filled with a CSV file.

Here is the example.

Statistics and reports

One of the most interesting elements happens after the transmission is sent; indeed, no interactions or conversations will be generated on Callbell. Only when a user replies will the chat and reply be created on the platform.

After about 2 hours, the module will be updated and you will find the statistics regarding the shipment, downloading a detailed report on the order created and the shipment carried out.


Every single report regarding the campaign provides details on

a) The rate of messages sent/not sent (success/failure rate):

This type of rate includes contacts whose phone numbers are not active directly on WhatsApp or if we are exceeding the limit per day regarding WhatsApp Business API account templates (250 where your Business Manager does not should be verified; 1000, 10000 or 100000 in case your company should be verified by the Company Director). If there are any questions, please contact our team so we can confirm your daily limit.

b) The reading rate

This rate indicates the number of contacts to whom we delivered the message and who opened it. WhatsApp provides this data only to contacts who have decided to activate the blue reading tick and this is precisely why, typically, a reading rate of around 60% is an indicator of good campaign performance.


You will always have to respect WhatsApp policies so that your broadcast campaigns can reach your customers without any complications, maintaining the security of your number on WhatsApp. However, the best solution we can offer is Callbell in order to manage your marketing campaigns.

By following the steps explained previously, you will not have any kind of problem with your campaigns, having access to metrics and tools designed specifically for sales success. If you want to try Callbell Broadcast without running into blocks on WhatsApp.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct