Did you know that WhatsApp has become one of the most used apps in the world? Let’s say you were to ask a friend if he uses WhatsApp on a daily basis, he will certainly say yes. Therefore, we want to say that this app is used by both individuals and companies for various reasons. Among them, we have free time, conversations with friends and family, work or study groups and, last but not least, commercial and business reasons to sell and buy products and services.

WhatsApp use has certainly changed, becoming what we know today. This app has 3 main versions: the first is the classic WhatsApp known by all and which is used with friends, family and relatives; WhatsApp Business, dedicated to companies with several special functions like catalogue creation, quick replies and different schedules; WhatsApp Business API, a version dedicated to large and small companies, which are looking for a more specialized use of this app.

A really important fact is the ability to access the WhatsApp Business API is highly necessary to do it through a BSP company that acts as a go-between for your business to communicate with WhatsApp. Among these kinds of activities, we certainly find Callbell, capable of offering precisely this type of service.

The beauty of this app is the use of multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device, by obtaining a series of additional advantages, which we will discuss later.

Benefits of WhatsApp multi-number and multi-brand control for business via Callbell

Let’s talk about the multi-number feature on WhatsApp

We know very well that most companies in 2023 are highly advanced in the digital and technological field. This is why the multi-number feature of WhatsApp is extremely important for businesses as they are able to communicate efficiently with their customers.

We are aware of the fact that many companies do not have a single number, but several WhatsApp accounts in order to serve different departments, brands or types of services. And it is precisely in this way that they centralize and organize information on WhatsApp. This allows you to streamline customer support, avoiding information accumulation and chaos. However, there is also an inconvenience since, by having several WhatsApp numbers, information and interactions can be lost, as there is no adequate supervision of the team answering the numbers and security can undoubtedly be compromised. Remember that the more numbers there are, the harder it will be to track them. 

Let’s talk about the multi-brand feature

Let’s talk about brands. There are companies that present sub-brands of products and services. Everyone can present a different corporate identity and, therefore, a single WhatsApp account is not enough to manage all the brands a company may deal with. It is necessary to have a WhatsApp account for each individual brand, so as to diversify identities.

You must understand that a multi-brand company needs separate spaces for each product line and brand. This brings various advantages in terms of information organization, separation of departments and customer management. 

Let’s talk about the multi-number and multi-brand benefits on WhatsApp with Callbell.

Now that we understand the reason why it is so necessary to have multiple WhatsApp accounts for these two types of cases, such as multi-numbers for departments and for brands owned by a company. It is really necessary to understand the advantages that the app of this multi-number strategy brings us on WhatsApp. 


As a first advantage we find the organization. When we use WhatsApp’s multi-number feature to manage departments and/or brands, having each interaction in a different WhatsApp account. This way, we know that WhatsApp 1 is for a specific department and WhatsApp 2 refers to another department or brand. Each is used separately for two different types of customers and, that way, information will not be chaotically mixed up or lost forever. 

Separate management

Another benefit is the ability to manage each WhatsApp account separately despite being on the same platform. When we have a different number for two types of services within a single company, the information is kept in a separate and perfectly organized way. Being managed by a single platform, this feature allows employees to use a single app, even if there are two WhatsApp accounts. In this way, everything will be managed separately but, at the same time, without the inconvenience of opening two conversations, two different phones or two accounts. All in one place but with separate controls. 

Separate statistics for each WhatsApp number

This is only possible if a WhatsApp BSP is used to capture the WhatsApp Business API. When you have several WhatsApp numbers it is extremely important to manage metrics in order to understand where your business is going. That is why, on Callbell we offer advanced statistics for each WhatsApp number your company has. This way, you will be able to monitor each agent without having to search for data directly in the message bar of each number. 

A number for each brand

Having different brands, it is more than logical that a company has different numbers for managing support and the attention to be given to customers. In this case, the possibility of adding each WhatsApp number from a single platform, managing all practices from a single place as if they were a single scenario. On Callbell, brands can be divided into departments, assigning different numbers to each of them so that they can be managed separately, while still being on a single platform (Callbell). 

Centralization on a single platform

As we saw earlier, having several customer support numbers means that your agents absolutely have to switch WhatsApp accounts at all times. However, from Callbell you can integrate all WhatsApp numbers in one place, managing all messages from a single platform so that information is centralized. 

Very easy supervision for each number present on WhatsApp

The organization, supervision and proper functioning of customer support is essential, when it has multiple numbers, leading to total chaos. Callbell, by providing a platform where it is possible to manage multiple numbers and organize information by brand or department, simplifying supervision and giving the possibility to evaluate each collaborator individually without getting tired in the process.

How to separate departments on WhatsApp?

With Callbell you will have 2 main ways to separate WhatsApp into different sectors. The first way to have separate departments in this app is to use Callbell which allows you to divide your main inbox (the place where all WhatsApp and other platform messages are stored) into different departments which can be called however you like. want. For example: support, sales, complaints, technical assistance, etc.

The second way you can have different departments on Callbell is with the help of multi-number. This new feature will allow your company to integrate 2 or more WhatsApp numbers on the Callbell platform. Basically, if your company were to have a different number for each department, you could manage them all within Callbell on a single platform.

This way you will have the possibility of having separate departments or WhatsApp numbers, by managing everything from one place in an elementary, simple and secure way.

How to centralize WhatsApp accounts in one platform in detail?

In order to centralize all your WhatsApp accounts in one place, you will need to have a WhatsApp Business API account with Callbell and your business WhatsApp numbers. In process is as follows.

1) First you need to create a Callbell account, telling your team that you want to access their multi-number version of WhatsApp.

2) Once this is done, the next step is to add your WhatsApp numbers to your Callbell account. For this you can also ask for help from the Callbell team, as they are able to advise you.

3) Once your WhatsApp numbers have been added to your account, you can start receiving messages directly from each of the departments, dividing the numbers by brand within the Callbell ecosystem.

Multiple WhatsApp accounts on one device

What is the best tool to use several WhatsApp numbers in one platform?

Callbell is a great tool for sales and support teams. There are many reasons why the latter is considered the best and most useful tool for centralizing your WhatsApp numbers. Among them we can distinguish many.

First of all, the multi-agent and multi-device collaborative so that 2 or more people in order to connect with their accounts and manage all the messages from the different social networks and WhatsApp numbers that you can add to your account.

On the other hand, we have metrics, CRM and sales funnels. These are features of the premium platform capable of allowing you to market and manage customers more than effectively. This is why it is so important to combine this tool with customer service on your platforms.

Then, we have bots that respond to conversations and automatic routing. With this platform you will be able to automate the assignment of interactions to your agents and, at the same time, you will have the possibility to respond with bots automatically before it is assigned to a human agent.


The use of Callbell to use different WhatsApp accounts on a single device has certainly improved thanks to the special features designed for sales and support teams proposed by this platform.

With this tool, you will not only be able to serve more users more easily, being able to manage, sell, control and develop effective marketing strategies based on highly effective communication.

If you would like to try Callbell and see improvements in customer service within the company, click here.

Frequent Questions

How to separate departments on WhatsApp?

With Callbell, you have 2 main methods to separate departments on WhatsApp. The first method involves using Callbell’s multiple inboxes, which allow you to divide your main inbox (where all messages from WhatsApp and other platforms are received) into different sub-inboxes named as you prefer, such as support, sales, complaints, technical assistance, and more. The second way to manage different departments in Callbell is through the multi-number feature. This feature enables your company to integrate 2 or more WhatsApp numbers into the Callbell platform. If your company has distinct numbers for different departments, you can manage them all within Callbell on a single platform. This approach allows you to organize your departments or WhatsApp numbers, efficiently managing everything from one user-friendly, simple, and secure platform.

What is the best tool to use several WhatsApp numbers in one platform?

Callbell is an excellent tool for sales and support teams looking to centralize their WhatsApp numbers. There are several reasons why it stands out as the best and most effective tool for this purpose:

  • Multi-agent and multi-device collaboration: Callbell supports collaborative usage by allowing 2 or more individuals to connect with their respective accounts and manage messages from various social networks and WhatsApp numbers within a single account.
  • Metrics, CRM, and sales funnels: The platform’s premium features enable effective marketing and customer management. Combining this tool with customer service on your platforms is crucial.
  • Bots and automatic routing: Callbell empowers you to automate the distribution of interactions to your agents. Additionally, you can leverage bots to respond automatically before assigning a conversation to a human agent.

When considering tools to centralize your WhatsApp numbers, consider these features provided by Callbell.

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