In this article we’ll explain how to add a button to your Instagram profile that allows your followers to contact you via WhatsApp in just one click

Companies everywhere are entering the online world, to offer their products or services through the most famous platforms, in order to expand their network and reach an ever-increasing customer potential.

In this regard, Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a product promotion channel, through influencer marketing campaigns, which allow users to get to know a brand more deeply.

The goal is to make your company known to potential customers interested in a particular category of products. This is why they invest thousands of euros in advertising campaigns that bring huge traffic to their social profile.

Once you land on the profile, however, you need to make sure that these users potentially interested in the product can contact you easily. On Instagram they will be able to contact you via Direct, or, alternatively and thanks to a recent Instagram update, also via WhatsApp.

The main purpose of this new feature is to make the main apps of the Facebook universe (Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram Direct in the first place) communicate with each other, and create a system of connections that improves the overall user experience within the different platforms.

How to insert a WhatsApp button in your Instagram bio

How to insert a WhatsApp button in your Instagram bio

Below we show you all the steps you must follow to add the WhatsApp button ,which should be enabled on all Instagram profiles:

1) Enter the Instagram profile page and click on “Edit profile”;

2) Click on “Contact options”;

3) In this section you can enter your contact information, such as e-mail, telephone number, address and, recently, also WhatsApp;

4)Click on “WhatsApp”

5) Here you must enter the number associated with WhatsApp, to which the verification code will be sent;

6) Enter the verification code on the Instagram profile.

At this point, the new WhatsApp button should appear, which will allow all users who visit your Instagram profile to get in touch with your company in just one click.

Note: to make only the WhatsApp button appear you will have to remove all other contact options (phone number and email).

What are the benefits of connecting WhatsApp to Instagram?

What are the benefits of connecting WhatsApp to Instagram?

Connecting WhatsApp to Instagram can be very beneficial for your brand, first of all because it is the most famous messaging app in the world, and it is highly intuitive. This is demonstrated by the high message opening rate, which stands at around 98%.

This means that you can reach potential customers anytime and anywhere with promotional messages, business updates, surveys or feedback requests. In addition, you will be able to exploit all the features of WhatsApp for your business’ advantage: you can send photos, videos, voice messages and documents directly from the app and satisfy all their assistance requests.

Through WhatsApp you will be able to organize your sales or support team to offer your customers a service based on two-way communication, creating a dialogue with your target audience. If you are interested in managing high volumes of chats with your customers or prospects, we invite you to  create a free Callbell account so that your team can immediately start replying to your users.

With Callbell you can structure a sales or support team up to a maximum of 100 agents and the chats will be allocated automatically, and you will also have many other features designed to facilitate chat management from the main instant messaging channels.

Alternatives to add WhatsApp to Instagram

Alternatives to add WhatsApp to Instagram

If your account is not yet enabled to add WhatsApp to Instagram, we recommend some useful alternatives that will help you reach your users more easily through WhatsApp.

1) The first alternative is to insert the WhatsApp link in the bio: first you will need to create a WhatsApp link, go to your Instagram profile, click on “Edit profile” and in the “Website” section insert the link you just created.

In this way, a clickable link will appear in your Instagram profile bio, that  will redirect to the WhatsApp chat so that the user can start the conversation with your business instantly.

2) The second alternative is to use featured stories with a link to WhatsApp. Here you will need to create a story with the image of the WhatsApp logo, and insert the WhatsApp link (previously created) that can be clicked within the story.

At this point, simply add the story to the “Highlighted Stories” section and rename it with the name “WhatsApp” or “Contact us via WhatsApp”. The story will be shown permanently on your Instagram profile and, again, it will allow users to contact you easily.

These solutions will allow your brand to increase follower engagement, since users will be able to contact you through their preferred channels, keeping an omnichannel marketing perspective in mind.

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