In this article we show you all the steps you need to follow to start selling through Direct, Instagram’s messaging channel

Instagram – the famous social network purchased by Facebook in 2012 – continues to spread, and it currently has approximately 1 billion active users every month. With the ongoing pandemic crisis, the platform has in fact increased the volume of user interactions.

By now, companies have understood Instagram’s potential, so much so that estimates say there are over 25 million companies active on the platform, promoting their products and services.

It is a highly intuitive and engaging platform for companies and especially for users, who according to the most recent data, spend an average of 53 minutes a day, time dedicated to browsing through posts, stories and the most recent reels, in order to counter Tik Tok.

Instagram has defined the tools necessary for companies that want to sell their products and services:

1) Contact icon: from this icon, users who view the Instagram page will be able to access contact information, such as the company e-mail and telephone number;

2) Instagram Shop: it is a real product catalog, which companies can use to better showcase their offer, add descriptions, prices and images. To use this option, the company must link a Facebook page and a website from which it intends to sell;

3) Instagram Insights: it is the section that contains all the business statistics of the Instagram account, meaning where the data regarding the impressions, reach and engagement of the posted contents are shown;

4) Call to Action button: you can add buttons that will appear under your bio. At the moment the options available are limited and only focus on a few types of business.

5) Add website to profile:  business accounts can add their own website, which will be shown immediately below the bio;

6) Add product tags to posts: this function is also available on Facebook, and it allows you to tag a product already in your catalog, so that will appear in the published post.

What do you have to do to start selling on Instagram Direct?

What do you have to do to start selling on Instagram Direct?

Here are a few steps you can follow to start selling through Instagram Direct right away:

1) Download the Instagram app: it is necessary to download the app on your smartphone from the Apple Store or Play Store, since many features are not available from the desktop version. For example, it is not possible to create posts, stories and reels via desktop, unless you use a smartphone simulation tool from your browser, such as User Agent. You can also use tools to post to Instagram from dekstop which makes things more simple.

2) Create an Instagram account: once the app is open, enter the e-mail address, phone number and wait for the SMS for verification, or use your Facebook credentials to quickly create your account. You will then need to set the password associated with the account;

3) Transform your Instagram account into a business one: at this point, you will have to go to “Account” in the Settings, and select “Switch to a business account”. Then you will be asked for the type of business account you represent, such as Creator, if you are a public figure or an influencer, or Business, if you are a local brand or company;

4) Link Facebook Business Manager : in this step you will need to access the Business Manager settings, click on “Account”, then on “Instagram Account”, enter the account name and password and finally click on “Next”.

This step is very important if you wish to start advertising your Instagram page, in order to gain traffic and potential customers for your business;

5) Link Callbell to receive messages: you will need to create a Callbell account, you can do it for free from here. Once you are logged in, you can use our platform to manage chats coming from the main instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and, soon, also Instagram Direct.

6) Manage incoming conversations:  once you get here, you can start receiving messages directly on our platform, which can be managed by your sales team, who will receive the chats autonomously and automatically.

With Callbell you will have all the tools necessary to manage incoming chats in a professional way, such as tags and quick replies, analytics and much more;

7) Start selling

Why choose Instagram Direct as a communication channel?

Instagram is an ever-growing platform, popular amongst millennials typically under the age of 50. This is why starting to sell through Instagram Direct has numerous advantages:

1) Builds engagement: through Instagram Direct messaging, your company will be able to interact directly with potential customers, creating a relationship that can last over time, also thanks to the informality that can be established through this channel.

2) Builds brand reputation: your presence on Instagram will make your brand more visible, which will allow you to plan influencer marketing campaigns, giveaways and take advantage of the algorithm with the hashtags that most represent your business;

3) Lower costs: your company will be able to promote its products and offer assistance through the Direct messaging channel practically for free. This will allow you to reach an increasing number of users at a low cost;

4) Immediacy: is the most defining feature for all instant messaging apps, through which users request answers to their queries quickly and wherever they are.

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Selling on Instagram Direct

Frequent Questions

How to start selling on Instagram Direct?

To start selling on Instagram Direct you have to follow a series of steps that will guide you in the process. First, you need to download the Instagram app on your phone, then you need to set up your business account. This is extremely important because it enables the functionalities designed for businesses. At the same time, you must link your account to a Business Facebook Account Manager, so you can advertise on Instagram later on.

The next step is to connect Callbell to receive messages from your Instagram account. Once this step is done, all you have to do is manage incoming messages thanks to your multi-agent team.

With Callbell you will have at your disposal all the useful tools for the professional management of incoming chats, such as tags or quick replies, statistics and much more.

Why choose Instagram Direct as a communication channel?

Instagram is an ever-growing platform, very popular with millennials under 50. For this reason, selling via Instagram Direct has many advantages.

Among these we find the growth of engagement which translates into an increased interaction between your company and its customers and the general public. Then there’s the increase of the brand reputation, namely an exponential growth in the recognition of customers with the company; in the same way, there’s a reduction in costs in the management of requests and sales, since – by using Instagram – you will have a free communication channel, where you will be able to upload all your products.

Finally, there’s immediacy, a decisive feature that you can perfectly handle with Callbell.

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