Nowadays, WhatsApp is certainly the most used means of communication (except for the Chinese market). And, as with all means of communication, it presents itself as a presenter of information and details. This may seem like common knowledge even if you may not actually notice it.

It is an extremely powerful channel, capable of attracting a lot of traffic in exchange for information, it has a very large reach, which the vast majority of platforms ignore and is really attentive to its users, also having a mobile app. Physical proximity and constant interest are just some of the advantageous characteristics to make the most of to generate traffic with WhatsApp.

That is why we want to tell you about six amazing strategies for improving website traffic with WhatsApp.

1) Create a WhatsApp group that embraces relevant information

Generating a community is certainly a priority for brands. Ensuring that people with the same interests can interact allows you to generate very powerful loyalty towards a particular product or brand. This explains why encouraging communication, especially on social media, is fundamental.

In order to achieve this specific goal, there is a really simple way: create interesting content on the website and share it on a WhatsApp group. Obviously all this requires a certain coherence and relevance. You can do this, for example, by sharing your link together with a short feedback, so as to invoke a call to action, making group members interested in giving their opinion and inserting the link you shared.

Consistency is definitely the secret key to getting traffic, encouraging interactions, being the moderator of the group in question. If you do not have the right time to do it, there will always be a user who will fulfill these tasks.

2) Use WhatsApp statuses

In fact, in these tools, it is possible to insert images and videos capable of attracting attention via links to share. Users will click and then be led to the chosen page. This can also be done with the products in your online store, simply leaving the purchase link.

3) Chatbot for messages

Chatbots are tools that allow all users to navigate between the different options presented as soon as they contact a company. The objective of these paths is to lead you towards possible alternatives until the interest you are seeking is achieved. This may lead to questions about a certain product or where you can purchase it.

The basic concept is to devise a way in which, once the user has completed the journey, it is possible to obtain more detailed information, directing the user to the website. It is necessary that everything, therefore both messages and paths, are always created by marketing specialists, avoiding annoying and boring advertisements. Language, interactions and comfort are fundamental elements to offer a full and satisfying user experience.

An extremely interesting tool for creating messages is certainly the Callbell chatbot. If you would like to try it, click here.

4) Send private messages with all the products you want to promote

By having an online store and receiving orders directly on WhatsApp, what you will definitely get is a huge database of potential customers who have shown interest in your products or services. This is what a communication channel can do, in addition to sending private messages aimed at promoting the same products, offers, discounts, etc. Each promotion will have its own link that will connect to your virtual store. This way you can generate traffic starting from your website and bringing it to WhatsApp or vice versa.

5) WhatsApp channels

These are a fairly recent feature, but with great potential, especially for those who want to generate high traffics. Thanks to your brand, website or shop, you will have the opportunity to incessantly motivate your customers to sign up, by obviously offering always relevant content, capable of attracting attention, leading the customer towards their desires and needs.

It can be considered a kind of subscription. It is not very popular yet, but it could be a great source of traffic and an opportunity to build a community that you can leverage in the future.

An essential trick is to name the shop with a keyword, continuously searched for on WhatsApp, by managing to reach many more people.

6) The description of WhatsApp Business

If you have WhatsApp Business, you also have the option of including the link to your website in the description, together with a brief summary of the content you offer. Therefore, the user who reads it may be interested and want more information by clicking on the link you shared. Thanks to this action, you will allow them to visit your website and, if you have interesting content, they will be able to browse longer, make purchases or leave feedback.

Why increase traffic with WhatsApp?

The main objective is to provide necessary information on WhatsApp regarding the website. In order to get users interested in your page, you will need to offer them interesting and relevant content to your business. Instead, to encourage them to click on your link, you will need to use language that allows them to generate constant calls to action, without ever being too invasive.

Be careful though, the information transmitted on WhatsApp must always be sufficient. In fact, users must always feel treated with love and never as recipients only of advertising. This is why we recommend that you offer valuable content, but contextualized and intelligently written in order to be increasingly interesting.

An excellent way to use WhatsApp to improve the services offered is certainly to use Callbell, which is a platform designed for customer service and sales, capable of helping you manage and maximize results and quality. The platform comes with several advantages such as specialized metrics to be used to measure traffic. Furthermore, it offers automation and integrations with different platforms.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct