In this article we will discover how we can use WhatsApp and Messenger to increase sales and grow our business.

The advent of messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, have radically changed the way companies and customers communicate, and they can be extremely attractive platforms for your business!

Together, the two apps, in fact, have nearly 5 billion users. According to the latest data, active users of messaging apps have far outstripped active users of social media themselves, and every day they send and receive staggering amounts of information.

Users expect faster, more concise and clear answers, in order to quickly receive all the information they need about a product or service, both before and after the purchase.

Why sell on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

Communicating with your audience becomes a real priority nowadays, and the speed of response is increasingly crucial. The “traditional” methods of communication, such as email, text messages or phone calls do not offer the responsiveness that messaging apps allow.

With the use of messaging apps, the user will be more inclined to communicate with your business, because they know that interaction is at hand, fast and effective.

The company’s communication can be easily customized based on the user’s needs. This way, your customer service or sales team will be able to manage chats with users more efficiently.

In addition, the potential audience of customers that you can reach through these means is considerably larger than before and collecting quality leads, willing to get to know your products or your company, is much less expensive.

How to generate leads on Messenger and WhatsApp through Facebook Ads

How to generate leads on Messenger and WhatsApp through Facebook Ads

In this regard, Facebook will help us generate leads that will be willing to purchase our products or communicate with us. Through the Facebook Business Manager, in fact, it is possible to create Ads that link back to Messenger or WhatsApp. Note: To receive WhatsApp messages it is necessary to link a WhatsApp Business number to your Facebook page.

Once inside the Business Manager, simply create a new ad campaign with the objective “Messages”. Subsequently, in the “Messaging app” section, select “Click to Messenger” or “Click to WhatsApp” (this second option is currently only available if the targeted audience is outside the European Union).

First, we need to select the audience according to the interests, gender, and age group that is closest to our marketing objectives. Then select the positioning within the Facebook platform (Feed, stories or messages, both from Facebook and Instagram).

A fundamental part concerns the selection of creativity and the main texts, which will make the ad appealing and will have to attract the targeted audience.

Finally, you will need to select the message template. At this stage, we recommend that you set up a model to start conversations, in which users can independently select the conversation topics, guiding them within the funnel.

At this point, all you have to do is just confirm the ad and Facebook will start the review process. Once the ad is approved, Facebook will ensure that your ad is shown to the users who are most likely to start a conversation with you.

How to organize and structure your sales team

The high tendency of users to interact with companies through messaging apps, however, can present problems.  Without adequate organization, an excessive influx of chats could send your sales team into a tailspin, especially if the chats come from multiple channels.

In this context, in which conversational marketing is increasingly becoming a significant sales channel for many types of business, it is essential to be able to channel conversations with customers towards sales / support agents in the most efficient way possible.

In this regard, Callbell lends itself to offer a platform with which it is possible to manage large volumes of incoming chats on your direct messaging channels, regardless of their origin.

To get started, simply create an account and link your Facebook pages or WhatsApp to start using the platform. Invite your team to work together to ensure that chats are distributed in the best possible way!

Why 2020 is the year of WhatsApp?

Increase and optimize your conversion rate: here’s how

Currently, the official interfaces to manage chats, both from desktop and mobile, have several limitations.

First, the Facebook interface to manage a page’s messages does not allow for the distribution of incoming conversations through automatic assignment systems.

Furthermore, Facebook page manager, with which it is possible to respond to page conversations directly from mobile, has numerous loading problems and is highly counterintuitive.

WhatsApp itself (including the desktop version, WhatsApp Web) does not allow you to use the same account on different computers, limiting its use to a single user, rather than a team.

With Callbell, however, you can integrate all messaging channels into a single platform, with the ability to automatically assign chats within your sales team.

Conclusions: why 2020 is the year of WhatsApp


With the imminent launch of payments, WhatsApp seems to increasingly demonstrate its dominance in the world of instant messaging. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated this platform, which has seen its active user base grow by 40%.

As if that were not enough, access to WhatsApp’ APIs has been greatly facilitated (it can be done through providers, such as Gupshup and Twilio) and this allows you to facilitate the integration of WhatsApp into your website or software.

In fact, it seems that a real ecosystem is forming around the most famous messaging app in the world, just think of platforms like Zendesk or Sirena App. You can start using WhatsApp to communicate with your customers thanks to Callbell, create a free account by clicking here!


Messenger and WhatsApp for the growth of your company
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