Looking for a Wassenger alternative?

Meet Callbell: the most advanced messaging solution for your business

Alternative to Wassenger

Looking for a Wassenger alternative?

Meet Callbell: the most advanced messaging solution for your business

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Are you a Wassenger customer and would like to switch to Callbell without losing your WhatsApp Business API number?

Contact our dedicated team and in a couple of minutes we will guide you on how to migrate your WhatsApp Business API line from Wassenger to Callbell quickly and easily.

* From today you can keep the same Whatsapp Business API number by migrating from one Business Service Provider to another without constraint. The process is simple and does not imply the loss of the phone number.

Alternative to Wassenger

Support your customers on their favorite messaging apps

Invite your team and collaboratively manage chats from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
and Telegram

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Frequent Questions

What is the best alternative to Wassenger?

The best alternative to Wassenger is Callbell for its ease of use, the customer support provided and the variety of service channels it manages, such as: WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, the quality of the service it offers compared to other alternatives on the market is much higher. Operators are always ready to solve users’ problems and provide excellent service, making Callbell so different.

Plus, Callbell offers all the features that today’s businesses need: a stable platform, detailed statistics of the entire communication process of your company and useful tools to manage your agents.

How does Wassenger differ from Callbell?

Wassenger covers only a single service channel: WhatsApp. Hence, this is a small downside, as it doesn’t have a service for Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, or other major service channels, as Callbell does. Moreover, while the service itself isn’t too expensive, it’s not very functional for customer service, as it only manages one service channel, which is a big drawback if you want to make more sales. So, the differences with Callbell are many.

Among them we have the price, since Callbell is cheaper. Moreover, Wassenger’s customer service isn’t very good and Wassenger doesn’t work with multiple service channels like Callbell does instead. In addition, Callbell offers a multi-agent omnichannel platform to manage all your chats.