In this article we bring to you the 4 best software platforms to turn WhatsApp  into a real channel of communication and interaction with your customers.

WhatsApp has established itself as the most widely and internationally used communication tool, but the native application does not always meet all the needs of a company.

To create a chatbot: Landbot

The first tool we want to mention is Landbot. This tool allows you to create a chatbot for WhatsApp through an intuitive and easy to use Drag-n-Drop interface. Landbot offers the possibility to add agents who can intervene when the user wants to talk to a human.

The advantages of using a chatbot on WhatsApp can be many. First of all, it allows you to be more reactive in your replies, drastically reducing communication times.

Chatbots can remain always active, this will allow your users to get answers at all times, without having to make them wait. All this allows a reduction in costs, for example, for customer care staff or for sales agents.

However, chatbots aren’t foolproof. Sometimes, they fail to understand user requests, if perhaps they are too complicated to be managed by AI and, above all, they lack empathy. In fact, remember that the real success of WhatsApp as a corporate communication tool lies precisely in the one-to-one communication with the customer.


For customer support and sales: Callbell

The way you reach your customers has changed dramatically since WhatsApp became the most popular messaging app in the world. Today, you can use WhatsApp to market your new products and services, manage customer support, launch new promotions and generally keep your clients updated on your business.

Despite the release of WhatsApp Business, which offers some useful features to companies, it is not yet sufficiently optimized to structure and organize WhatsApp as a real tool for your business.

Callbell, offers a solution that integrates the main messaging apps into a single interface, including WhatsApp and Messenger, for managing conversations within its sales or support team.

The main features of our platform are:

1) Integration of the main messaging apps: within Callbell it is possible to link Facebook, WhatsApp to manage conversations as a team and be able to have total control over your communication channels;

2) Automatic assignment of conversations:by inviting your sales or support team to Callbell, it will be possible to assign the conversations between them in a totally automated way;

3) Tag creation and quick responses: it is possible to create and apply tags to users in order to identify them more easily. In addition, you can set up quick responses which will speed up communication with the user;

4) Chat Widget: available for free is the chat widget, which you can install on your site. So your visitors can quickly choose their favorite channels to contact you. Our widget collects all the data that allows you to monitor the visitors of your website so you can receive useful insights on the channels that your users prefer to use to communicate with you.

5) Analytics: within each account there is an Analytics module that allows you to monitor the performance of your agents, view the main metrics related to message management and export information about your contacts


To collect feedback: Outside Voice

Another very useful tool is Outside Voice: a platform that allows you to create a feedback system, collect surveys and questionnaires via WhatsApp.

Since surveys are a powerful tool for obtaining feedback from clients and potential customers, it is really essential for those in charge of marketing  to be able to obtain data and information about their audience.

The best way to do this via WhatsApp is precisely with Outside Voice which, with a very easy-to-use interface, gives you the ability to create a series of questions that can be forwarded to your users.

Collecting surveys via WhatsApp offers a completely different company-user interaction compared to classic online questionnaires (such as SurveyMonkey or Google Surveys). Response times get shorter and it allows users to share videos, photos and even voice messages.

Join Chat

To be easily reachable by your customers: Join Chat (only for WordPress)

We advise all companies wishing to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp to install a widget on their site that facilitates the interaction between company and user. One of the best widgets is definitely Join Chat.

It is a chat widget that creates a direct link with visitors to your site. It is very simple to install on  WordPress: just set up your WhatsApp number, a welcome message and the widget is ready to collect chats.

Conveying conversations on WhatsApp, compared to a normal live chat, gives the possibility to collect much more valuable leads, it makes communication more personal and pervasive. In this way, it is possible to reach the user at any time, without having to worry about the conversation history, which is generally deleted on live chats, once the chat is abandoned.

The big limitation of Join Chat is that it works exclusively on WordPress, and is therefore not integrable on other types of website. If you are interested in installing a more versatile chat widget, we suggest the Callbell widget, which you can install here.

The best business tools to manage a WhatsApp account

In this article we have analyzed 4 of the best platforms useful for managing a WhatsApp Business account.

If you have found this article useful to discover the best tools for WhatsApp, don’t forget to share or leave a comment. Thanks for reading, see you next time!

The 4 best business tools for WhatsApp
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