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How Callbell’s Rewards program works

Find out how the Rewards program works and how you can earn commissions every time someone gets to know Callbell thanks to you  Callbell's Rewards program allows each user to earn commissions every time a new user installs the chat widget on his/her site and/or pays a...

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How does Whatshelp work?

With WhatseHelp, companies have to manage communication from totally disconnected platforms. That's why an alternative is needed Every day 8 billion messages are exchanged between consumers and companies via Facebook Messenger while 150 million people per month...

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Here’s how new WhatsApp ads work

Not just ads in the status: with WhatsApp’s click-to-message it will be possible to sponsor the beginning of a chat with the user When, at the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced the release of WhatsApp’s APIs, most of the journalists in the sector commented on the...

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