If we have to talk about communication, messaging apps certainly dominate the market led by WhatsApp. We know very well that, to dethrone this app, a truly painstaking job will have to be carried out, precisely because both small and medium-sized businesses are able to take advantage of WhatsApp on a daily basis without competing with anything or anyone.

An effective alternative is Kommo which, to function, depends on WhatsApp and other social networks, but still manages to make improvements in communication between customer and company.

The aforementioned app has several features that WhatsApp does not have and which are integrated in order to transform this messaging app into a powerful tool to give to sales and support teams. Among the various options we find customized pipelines, team activity management, message templates, bots and integration with communication channels like Instagram and WhatsApp itself.

In this article, we will talk about how Kommo works and its best alternative on the market.

What features does Kommo offer?

Kommo is basically a CRM focused entirely on messaging. The multi-channel communication offered by Kommo allows you to chat using different methods such as messages, emails and calls from a single app. This tool has very specific features to support sales and support teams, leading them to develop rapid and innovative work. 

Among these options we find automation: precisely because Kommo presents itself as a kind of CRM, it allows us to automate those processes that generally must be carried out in an absolutely manual manner. Among them we have sending messages, reminders, emails or calls to customers.

Another of the interesting features offered by this app concerns sales bots: this application in fact allows you to create multiple reconfigured sales bots which, if perfectly updated, can sell and also obtain automation on earnings. Additionally, Kommo offers a pipeline to understand where the customer is during the sales phase.

Who can use Kommo?

This app was designed specifically for sales, support or call center teams who find themselves managing a large number of interactions on messaging apps on a daily basis. It is a tool made specifically for managing teams and maintaining correct and precise control of business development.

Advantages and disadvantages of Kommo

Kommo is an extremely interesting and productive app for all businesses but, as we well know, all tools have advantages and disadvantages. That is why today we want to describe some of them to you.


Kommo offers multiple features that can help you design and develop improvements in communication between customer and company. We can find:

1) Creation of Bots specialized in sales.

2) CRM Pipeline

3) Chat mail box

4) Multichannel communication


On the contrary, the app also has disadvantages that could be considered decisive for the business choice. We can find:

1) Very simple and basic interface

2) Various platform crashes and bugs 

3) Bots do not perform many functions

4) The assistance is mediocre and inefficient

Is Kommo a good option for your business?

As we always say, we cannot tell you whether or not Kommo is the ideal app for your business. Indeed, the first thing to do is to understand the needs of your company, analyze and study your weak points and find out if the features we previously told you about can be useful in solving the needs your company presents to you. 

Kommo is a great app for all small businesses as it has several features with some notable drawbacks. However, you can choose whether to use this tool or not considering what you have just read in this article. 

Similarly, if you think Kommo is not for you, we present its best alternative, Callbell, an app capable of increasing your communications with customers quickly and effectively. Keep reading!

How Kommo works

The best alternative to Kommo?

The best alternative to Kommo is definitely Callbell. In fact, this app presents all the features of Kommo, but includes other tools capable of supporting improving the service, flow and monitoring. The biggest difference is that Callbell is not limited to WhatsApp only, but also integrates Instagram, Facebook and Telegram. Additionally, it has an integrated CRM with sales funnel and customer tracking. 

With Callbell you can also create extremely effective Chatbots, sequences and automations, as well as presenting itself as a simple and practical app. If you want to try this tool for free for 7 days, click here.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct