Over the years, messaging apps have occupied an increasingly larger space within corporate acquisition strategies. This has all taken a really interesting direction as far as competitiveness goes.

Indeed, nowadays there are thousands of apps of this type, capable of dominating interactions between companies and potential customers; but the undisputed leader on the market is certainly WhatsApp. This is why several alternatives have been created and developed, with the aim of improving and enhancing the service already provided by other messaging apps.

There are many examples on the market, but in today’s article we want to describe one in particular. An app that helps improve interactions with customers, with its advantages and disadvantages, features and its best alternative.

Today we want to talk to you about Hilos, how it works and its most competitive alternative.

What functionality does Hilos offer?

Hilos is an app entirely dedicated to marketing and interactions on WhatsApp, exactly as described on their site. Among the most important features we have the possibility of creating completely automated sequences or with ChatGPT, along with the management and organization of conversations.

Another feature offered by this app is the ability to continuously monitor potential customers: this can help us follow the purchasing flow of a particular customer, understanding what stage they are in. Furthermore, it allows us to centralize leads from different social networks and marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads.

On the other hand, Hilos is capable of offering specific statistics, allowing us to record and implement every message with customers or potential customers. Therefore, you will be able to draw the necessary conclusions always with full knowledge of the facts, making ideal decisions for the growth of your business.

Last but not least functionality is the automation of processes via bots and the integration of the platform with additional tools such as the API. This means that all notifications and data created by Hilos can be sent to other apps used by your company.

Advantages and disadvantages of Hilos

Hilos is an extremely interesting and influential app for all businesses. However, like everything, it has advantages and disadvantages. We know it well by now, no instrument reaches perfection. That is why today we want to describe the best and worst of Hilos to you. 


Hilos presents several features and advantages capable of helping to develop and design a better interaction between company and customer. We can find:

1) Creation of Chatbot

2) Shared inbox between teams

3) Analysis and statistics of your activity (messages)

4) Multiple app integrations

5) Sending Broadcast messages 


This app also has significant disadvantages that could be considered decisive for the choice of managing your company. We can find:

1) Limitation to WhatsApp only as a messaging app

2) Apparently distant support

3) The platform is complex for onboarding

4) The price is too high for just one communication channel

Is Hilos a good option for your business?

As we always say, we cannot decide for your business, but we can certainly give you our opinion. The tool just described is limited to WhatsApp only and this in itself is a huge disadvantage. Is it worth spending money on a service that only affects WhatsApp, by forcing your agents to use other apps to respond to customers? 

As you may have noticed, if you only use WhatsApp, then Hilos is what you need; otherwise we strongly advise you to look for other options that can best meet your needs. Firstly, you will have to understand what your company actually needs and then look for the best solution on the market.

How Hilos works

The best alternative to Hilos?

La mejor alternativa a Hilos es Callbell. Esta aplicación cuenta con todas las funcionalidades de Hilos pero adicionalmente tiene otras herramientas que ayudan a mejorar el servicio, los flujos y el seguimiento. Como principal diferencia tenemos que Callbell además de WhatsApp, integra Instagram, Facebook y Telegram. Adicionalmente, tiene un CRM interno y funnels de venta para hacer seguimiento a tus clientes.

Por otra parte, con Callbell puedes crear Chatbots, secuencias y automatizaciones muy eficientes. La verdad es que la aplicación es muy sencilla de usar y práctica. Si quieres probar 7 días gratis, da clic aquí.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct