Help Desk Platform for Energy & Utilities

Digitize your company’s sales and customer support service using the power of WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and Telegram

WhatsApp & Messengers Help Desk for Energy & Utilities
WhatsApp & Messengers Help Desk for Energy & Utilities

Manage conversations with your team efficiently

Callbell helps your business manage communication with your customers through instant messaging channels to increase sales
and customer satisfaction

Talk with your customers on their favorite messaging apps

Communicate with your customers on WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram to send notifications, plan technical interventions, propose new subscriptions, manage complaints

WhatsApp & Messengers Help Desk for Energy & Utilities

We support leading companies in your industry

Omni Energy
Grupaq Energy

Thanks to Callbell you keep control over all the conversations that pass through your company to improve its processes. Monitor conversations and study the best strategies with the statistics module

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