We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most important and used communication channels today, many companies use it to offer a more personalized customer service with different and out-of-the-ordinary functions; however, many of these companies have encountered the problem of managing a WhatsApp team via a single phone number as having multiple numbers and a single platform is quite complicated, so companies have been forced to use multiple phone numbers and assign them to its employees.

Due to this problem, the need arises to have a multi-agent team that serves customers from WhatsApp and other communication platforms through a single phone number from which it is possible to view and measure company statistics.

However, there is a very particular use that works phenomenally with the WhatsApp messaging platform, and shows up with human resources: the ease that allows internal communication between the components of the company is incredible, having the possibility to also interact with any department of the organization or person and to recruit new staff. This, without a doubt, would improve the efficiency and speed of communication with the internal company client.

Callbell is a company developed specifically to make this possible since it allows you to use an API on WhatsApp Business for multi-agent teams with a single number, which is a great advantage, because you will have a platform created specifically for teams such as customer service, sales, technical support, human resources, etc. which would use the most common communication channels out there.

How to use Callbell on WhatsApp

How to use Callbell on WhatsApp

Surely you are wondering how  you can use Callbell together with WhatsApp, do not worry, we will tell you here, it’s really simple, just visit our website and create an account, you can also do it by simply clicking here.

Next, you have to enter all the information that the system asks you to create your account and configure it step-by-step, if you need specific help to create and use your account, you can visit the following link.

Finally, we recommend that you write to our support team so that they can help you with any questions and problems you may encounter, they are always available to solve any possible doubts!

Why Callbell improves communication on WhatsApp for HR

We know that not everything concerns the sale or the service offered to customers, it is very important for companies to communicate from within, develop better recruiting methods or increase internal interaction processes; for this, we will tell you how Callbell can help you improve your internal communication processes and human resources in your company.

To understand how the WhatsApp + Callbell combination can help you, we will explain the formula you can use to achieve this goal. First of all, since WhatsApp is a communication channel used by everyone, it is extremely simple to send messages to whoever we want. Imagine that the commercial office of your company or the human resources office needs to communicate internally with a specific person or with another department and uses WhatsApp, it would be an extremely simple, easy and fast procedure to perform, with almost immediate replies and with the possibility of sending any format and type of file.

As mentioned above, it would be possible and effective to use WhatsApp also for human resources or for the recruitment of new staff, as processes of this type could even take place in real time. Callbell makes all this possible because it is the tool that provides the platform and allows everything to be managed through a single telephone number with multiple integrated agents: we are talking about how the whole company can be in constant communication with its employees through a centralized WhatsApp platform.

If you are curious to know how WhatsApp and Callbell can help you with HR, visit this page.

How can I use WhatsApp with HR?

How can I use WhatsApp with HR?

Now that you know how these platforms can help you with human resources and recruiting processes for your company, we’ll tell you specifically what you can do once you’ve got everything up and running.

1) First of all, you can serve both customers and employees via the same WhatsApp platform with multiple agents at the same time.

2) You will be able to improve the processes of your company, increasing the speed and ease of interaction through the use of WhatsApp for internal communication.

3) Ability to recruit staff in an efficient, personalized and fast way with the help of WhatsApp for human resources.

4) Analytics and measurement of the entire communication environment of the company.

5) Easy to perform integration and available for as many agents as necessary.

Success stories

Success stories

We understand that explaining something in words is not enough, so we offer you a use and success case with WhatsApp in the HR sector.


The Loggi app is a Brazilian logistics startup that provides a delivery solution to users, companies, restaurants and e-commerce services. Customers can request all types of deliveries and receive them in the shortest possible time: a very innovative idea since Loggi is not a delivery company, but an app that connects messengers with the customer.

Loggi, as a success story, uses Callbell to carry out internal communication processes, sending the necessary notifications so that messengers know when a shipment is available near their location. If you want to know more about how we help Loggi with its service process and its human resources department you can visit this page.


Rappi uses the automation of WhatsApp to increase its activation rate of rappitenderos by 20%, along with the business growth, the registration process has become increasingly complex and slow as a series of documents have to be sent, thus causing a download only of 500 proposals against the 10,000 requests sent in order to complete the registration.

Currently, the Rappitenderos affiliate process runs directly in the reseller’s app. After downloading the app, the candidate must complete some basic steps, such as selecting the country and city of activity, completing the identification data, choosing their vehicle and validating their identity.

Previously, messages to complete distributor affiliation were already scheduled by push notifications and SMS to aid the conversion, however the two channels had problems with both delivery and the impact they could cause in applicants, not reaching their goals. For this reason, they decided to switch to WhatsApp since it has a great affinity with their processes and the Rappitenderos would already be used to it.

From that moment Rappi chose WhatsApp as a communication platform to connect with its distributors and this is how it transformed this app into the most important tool to bring Rappitenderos back to the app and help them complete their membership process.

Would you like to do as Rappi did and optimize processes, improving the results of your company through the use of WhatsApp for human resources and automation?

Contact us here!

WhatsApp for Human Resources
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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and (soon) Instagram Direct