Teams focused on customer service are extremely important within companies, having very direct contact with customers on a daily basis. That is why it is essential to have highly qualified and experienced staff. If this is not the case, you will definitely need agents with interesting skills for the aforementioned position and who can learn everything quickly.

Customer service is so important to a company that it directly affects how customers are able to perceive, if not also, the final results concerning customers and potential customers. This explains why companies are committed every day to increasing this type of service. This means that hiring qualified staff to carry out this task is really important.

With this article, we would like to discover 5 efficient tips for hiring the best staff focused on customer service, by taking advantage the full potential with Callbell

Choose what you need for customer service

The process of choosing one or more customer service representatives begins right at home, with you and within your own company. This means you will have to decide what you want from a customer service representative, always being extremely clear about what your business needs. Always keep in mind that this phase is essential because your company’s representatives will have to have very close contact with your customers.

Therefore, in order to understand your needs, you absolutely must ask yourself these questions:

– What final role will the customer service agent have?

– What responsibilities will he have?

– What skills are not necessary, but are beneficial?

– How will the success of this role be measured in the company?

You should always consider that asking these questions will help you prepare to evaluate all candidate profiles. Remember that it is possible in interviews that professionals have questions regarding the requested position. Just this way, you will be able to answer as clearly as possible.

Decide what the duties and responsibilities of your customer service staff will be

A customer service person is responsible for answering and resolving questions and problems that customers or potential customers may have within a company. In many cases, these problems are of a purely technical nature and agents must know how to work perfectly on these platforms. Customer service people are the ones who facilitate this powerful connection that is created between companies and their customers, solving all kinds of issues in different areas that a customer might present.

These duties include:

– Answer calls and messages on the official channels of the same company.

– Manage customer requests and issues.

– Establish a relationship of trust with customers, by strengthening their loyalty.

– Respond to complaints, by offering adequate and immediate solutions.

– Process orders, forms, requests and follow-up information.

– Generate sales opportunities.

– Manage customer accounts.

– Maintain customer databases by updating all information.

– Maintain records including customer interactions and transactions.

Skills that a good customer service agent must have?

When a company hires a person for customer service, they will have to demonstrate the skills useful for this job. This assures the company that the candidate is doing his best and that your loyalty towards him is complete.

A good candidate will have these characteristics:

– Be patient and empathetic at all times.

– Always have a positive attitude and mind.

– Have the ability to resolve conflicts in an absolutely peaceful manner.

– Have the ability to understand all problems to be solved quickly.

– Be able to work on multiple channels.

Although there are different skills, a good agent will have to possess all those just mentioned. We therefore recommend making sure your agents have the majority with the best attitude possible.

5 effective tips for choosing the best customer service representative

Even though the customer service position is entry-level in many companies, it is still essential to hire agents conscientiously. As we have just said, this professional figure will have the first direct contact with all customers who write to or call the company: this means that he will have to have a huge impact on the way external people perceive the company.

Therefore, we can say that this position does not require great experience, but all the characteristics related to quality that we described before.

This explains why we want to give you 5 super effective tips for choosing the best customer service representative to implement within your company:

1) Assess the company’s true needs

It may seem basic but the first step to take is to be clear about what a company really needs, not only on a technical level, but also on a personal level.

2) Show transparency during the interview

Once we have several candidates in front of us for the requested position, we will need to take the right amount of time to dedicate to each one, getting to know them better, remembering that they are people who want to work and who, therefore, always strive to give their best.

3) Do some research

It is essential to know the candidates perfectly, to know what their previous experiences are and how they have behaved in their past work.

4) Take the right time for interviews

It is very important to take the time necessary to interview and get to know the candidates, thus being able to evaluate their performance well. If you ever need to have them take a test, do so without delay.

5) Select the best candidate

In conclusion, the company will have to select the best candidate to implement in the organization. The ideal is to select a professional who is always in line with the culture of the organization.

 Improve customer service

Callbell and customer service

Now that you know exactly how to find the right customer service agents for your company, you need to think about an appropriate platform for this task. In this case, we would like to recommend Callbell to you along with its incredible multi-agent and multi-channel service system.

With this platform you will be able to make customer service even more pleasant and simple, without having to consider the size of your team, you will be able to answer all questions without thinking about the channel they come from, since everything will be placed in a single platform. If you would like to try Callbell, click here.

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