Have you ever wondered what an Instagram sales funnel is? Or how can you use this tool in order to improve your efficiency and capture leads? Absolutely. And it is just for this reason that we decided to share a lot of information so that it is extremely clear to you how to create your own Instagram funnels for your own business.

Let’s be clear, we all like to go on social media and spend a long time watching funny videos and information. Has it ever happened to you that an interesting ad suddenly appears? This is the proof that marketing strategies are everywhere and that they actually work when they are used correctly. Among these strategies is the Instagram Direct sales funnel. 

During time, companies realized that creating leads was not a good thing and that they had to find a way to filter them in order to improve their quality. This is where funnels and their application on social derive. 

In this article, we want to talk about building a successful Instagram Direct sales funnel with the help of Callbell and how it can help drive your business growth and profitability. 

What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel is nothing more than the path, the journey or steps that a person, user or lead follows until he becomes a real loyal customer of a specific company. This is done in order to gather information and filter people who convert from those who are not present in a sales process. 

There is a basic ideology that assumes that people who become customers derive from a series of decisions that led them to buy a particular product or service. The funnel is responsible for identifying these decisions so that you have a better idea of who a company’s ideal customer is. This is done with the aim to make strategies developed on this type of customer ideal and by default leading to higher profitability and productivity. 

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How does a sales funnel help my business?

There are several benefits to using a sales funnel. Have you ever surfed the Internet and suddenly your attention is captured by some content and you keep reading until you definitely decide to buy a product, service or sign up for a mailing list? 

Well, wow! You have just entered a sales funnel able to catch the attention, converting you into a real customer. Here are some benefits of funnels: 

1) Improve lead quality: By eliminating leads that may not be bought, sales funnels filter leads to improve quality. 

2) Optimize the sales process: When leads are filtered, their quality improves as does the sales process. 

3) Save time and resources: A sales funnel allows you to work on contacts who have a higher percentage of purchases, by saving time and resources. 

4) Improve customer retention: A funnel can help in long-term customer retention, allowing your business to create strong customer bonds through more customized and relevant communications. 

The ideal is to have a team capable of serving and selling with functional strategies to potential customers. Callbell, being a customer conversation management platform, you have an extremely interesting funnel tool, focused entirely on messaging. If you want to try it on Instagram Direct, click here. 

The exchange of messages, the most important stage in a sales funnel

Probably the most important step in a sales funnel is the exchange of interactions. This is because when a person enters a funnel, they go through a series of stages and once they reach the stage of interacting with a person, that person is the one in charge of hooking the prospect and converting them into a real customer. We must always keep in mind that people arrive at the funnel having a small interest on social media and subsequently deciding to contact via direct messages on platforms like Instagram Direct. 

Remember that exchanging messages offers a great opportunity to establish lasting relationships with your customers. Additionally, it allows you to improve customer trust, retention and loyalty to your brand. Always remember to provide extremely customized and informal support. 

We also recommend using tools like Callbell that allow you to manage a large number of messages efficiently at all times. This tool is multi-agent and has different features like sales funnel. Improve the quality of service and message management.

How to create a sales funnel with Callbell on Instagram Direct?

The sales funnel feature allows you to define and customize sales or customer service processes and divide interactions based on labels. This can be extremely useful to adapt the management of your contacts within Callbell to business processes, while maintaining greater control over customers. 

Cómo crear tu embudo de venta:

Sales funnel on Instagram Direct

The first thing to do is access the “Conversation funnel” section from the settings page of your Callbell account, then click on “Create a funnel” button. Give the funnel stage a name (for example, “First Contact”), an emoji, an order number, and finally, save everything. 

Repeat the steps above to add the other stages to your sales or support funnel (for example, 2. Demonstrate, 3. Follow up, 4. Close, etc.) 


The sales funnel is an ideal strategy for medium to large companies. This tool allows you to filter contacts and thus keep only the highest quality ones. It also helps to pinpoint the ideal customer and their interests and preferences. 

In this sense, Callbell is an extremely useful tool for creating online sales funnels, as well as connecting contact channels such as Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and all the others in a single communication platform. With Callbell, users can create databases in the CRM, route contacts with automatic routing or analyze the statistics that the platform is able to collect for sales and support teams. 

In summary, with Callbell you can build and control sales funnels directly online. If you want to segment a greater number of customers, try Callbell by clicking here. 

Frequent Questions
How to create a sales funnel with Callbell on Instagram Direct?
The sales funnel feature allows you to define and customize your sales or customer service funnel and divide your conversations according to the stage they are in. This can be very useful to adapt the management of your contacts in Callbell to your business processes and maintain greater control over your contacts.

How to create your sales funnel:

The first thing you should do is access the section Conversation funnel from your Callbell account settings page, then click the Create a funnel button. Give the funnel stage a name (for example, First Contact), an emoji, an order number, and guard.

Repeat the steps above to add the other stages to your sales or support funnel (for example, 2. Demonstration, 3. Follow-up, 4. Closing, etc.).

What is a sales funnel?
A sales funnel is a marketing process and strategy used to guide potential customers through a specific buying path, with the ultimate goal of converting them into loyal customers. The sales funnel strategy is so named because it has a conical shape, with a wide base at the top representing the awareness stage and a narrow point at the bottom representing conversion or purchase.

The sales funnel is typically made up of several stages, which can include awareness, interest, consideration, decision, and action. As leads move through the funnel, the number of people dwindles as some drop out of the process or aren’t interested in moving forward. It should be noted that for the purposes of Instagram Direct, speaking with the customer directly is very important and represents a fundamental stage in the process. In this step Callbell can help you build very effective sales funnels from the conversations you have with your potential customers.

Building a strong and effective sales funnel is important to the success of any business, as it helps ensure that marketing and sales efforts are effectively and efficiently directed towards the ultimate goal of customer conversion.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct