If your business model is based on generating advertising campaigns on Instagram or Facebook with the aim of initiating conversations on WhatsApp, and you use WhatsApp Cloud API services to manage these conversations, you’ve likely noticed that Meta has been reporting the following error for the past few days:

“The option for conversations is not available: At this moment, optimizing for generating conversations is not available as a performance goal for businesses running messaging campaigns using WhatsApp Cloud API hosted by Meta. Choose another option. (#3858161)

Conversations option is unavailable: Optimizing for conversations is currently not available as a performance goal for businesses running messaging campaigns using WhatsApp Cloud API hosted by Meta. (#3858161)

For customers from Indonesia, the error will look like this:

Opsi percakapan tidak tersedia: Pengoptimalan percakapan saat ini tidak tersedia karena target kinerja untuk bisnis yang menjalankan kampanye pesan menggunakan WhatsApp CloUd API yang dihosting oleh Meta. (#3858161)

This error prevents the creation of new ads on Facebook or Instagram that have “WhatsApp” as a CTA option, for all users who use WhatsApp Cloud API.

If you’ve come across this article, it’s likely because this situation is severely impacting your business.

Unfortunately, according to the information we’ve obtained from our contacts at Meta, and the news circulating online, this issue has been confirmed and will not be resolved in the short term (Meta’s support team speaks of several months for a definitive resolution).

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How to solve the problem of Meta for advertising that sends to WhatsApp

If you’re looking for a solution to continue managing ads that redirect to WhatsApp API, using a CRM for conversation management, contact us; we have an official solution to this problem. A solution that the majority of BSPs currently on the market cannot offer, as they only integrate WhatsApp Business Cloud API.

By migrating your WhatsApp API account to Callbell, you can continue to generate ads of this type while also taking advantage of all the benefits offered by official solutions that integrate WhatsApp Business API.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will promptly address your request.


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