Want to know how omnichannel ecommerce can help you develop a better sales strategy, by covering a vast amount of digital space? 

In short, omnichannel strategies allow you to communicate with your potential customers efficiently through different service channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram or Facebook. It is normal that the most modern companies tend to adapt their digital marketing strategies to these channels since, currently, are the most popular apps on the market and each of them individually manages a wallet that has millions of active users every month. 

We have all heard the term omnichannel and it can make us feel nervous, as changes are always scary, but not everyone has a negative meaning. Let us assure you that an omnichannel business shows better opportunities to reach more audiences and sell continuously. The term omnichannel in business parlance refers to the way a company can sell and communicate with its customers using multiple channels. 

Today we desire to share with you a guide capable of integrating multiple channels within your e-commerce and some tips to constantly increase your own sales. 

Benefits of omnichannel e-commerce

Omnichannel e-commerce offers companies and entrepreneurs many decisive advantages for the business. One must always remember that today’s world is totally digital with multiple service channels. 

If you want to know what are the advantages of an omnichannel e-commerce, continue the reading: 

1) Greater visibility and range: By integrating multiple channels, like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Telegram, you can improve your visibility and reach an even larger audience.

2) Personalization and customer experience: Omnichannel also allows you to provide a completely customized and consistent shopping experience across all channels. You may not know why all this is so important. When you talk to a customer service agent, feeling appreciated has no value: the service could be more pleasant, informal and can make the difference between a customer who buys and one who does not. 

3) Customer loyalty: A person who feels that they can buy their favorite products through any channel without feeling any difference, undoubtedly, the most likely thing is that they prefer to opt for the company that uses this type of modality, a case in point is Farmatodo, which has establishments that are always capable of making the customer feel at home. 

4) Greater convenience and flexibility: Being able to decide when to buy your products or services is priceless. That is why, by having greater convenience and flexibility, you are able to obtain customers who are more satisfied with the service offered. 

5) Analysis and continuous improvement: By integrating different channels, you will be able to collect a vast amount of data and statistics on the purchasing behavior of your customers. With this data you will have the possibility to devise optimization strategies aimed at improving your processes and increasing your efficiency. 

Designing an effective omnichannel strategy

In order to design an effective omnichannel strategy we must always consider what kind of business we have. At the same time, it is essential to evaluate which type of channels are best for our company and how we want to communicate this to our customers. In this case, we used Callbell in order to efficiently integrate Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram into our business. 

1) Know your ideal customer and his preferences: It is well-known, before planning, you absolutely must do research on the market. The ideal is to understand your ideal customers perfectly, understand their tastes and preferences so that we can apply omnichannel strategies based on our customers. 

2) Set up your messaging channels on Callbell: Register on Callbell.eu and set up the different messaging channels you desire to use. 

3) Create preset messages and answers: Use Callbell’s predefined answers function aimed at simplifying interactions.

4) Share your contact details so they can write to Callbell: Add the Callbell chat widget within your website and put Callbell’s integrated WhatsApp link on your social media profiles. This tool allows customers or potential ones to reach your website or WhatsApp, communicating with you through Callbell. 

5) Assign conversations: Assign, reassign and route interactions using the platform. In this way, all customers will be respected, offering a truly impeccable service. 

6) Personalize and segment the sent messages: Thanks to Callbell you can personalize and segment each message sent, so that each customer can feel heard and is categorized according to their needs or situation. 

7) Analyze and optimize your interactions: Use the advanced analysis and statistics tools offered by Callbell to understand how your omnichannel business is performing. This way, you can tailor the best strategies to further grow your business. 

8) Follow-up: With the aforementioned tool, you can keep track of conversations, by establishing long-term relationships with your customers. 

Adapt the strategy we just shared to your own business. Remember that each person is unique and requires absolutely customized strategies.

Know your target audience and their preferences

In order to create an effective omnichannel strategy with the help of Callbell, it is essential to understand who you are targeting and what your customers want. For this reason, you need to do a thorough market research, fully knowing your target audience. Understanding information like their age, how they go about their day, their economic position is, will help you create better advertising campaigns that suit your customers. Additionally, insights into specific market segments, such as the tea market, can guide product development and marketing strategies tailored to consumer preferences.

After collecting all this information, you will be able to adapt the messaging channels on Callbell according to your customers’ preferences.

Defining your omnichannel goals and objectives

In order to develop a successful omnichannel strategy, it is extremely necessary to have extremely clear goals and objectives. You can also consider working with a specialized digital marketing agency that can provide clarity for your business’ purpose and alignment across all channels. Here is an example to define your own purposes for your business and then maximize it: 


Corporate visibility

In order to achieve this purpose, it is necessary to improve brand recognition in communication channels. This can be analyzed through the number of followers, the aim of the publications and the traffic present on the site coming from social networks or the means of communication used. 

Customer experience 

With this purpose, the ultimate goal is to offer a quality service, completely customized, measured by response times and problem resolution rate. 

Increase conversions

The idea is to improve the efficiency of each communication channel by measuring the number of sales, the average order value and the conversion rate. 


With this objective we intend to generate loyalty towards the brand, measured with the percentage of customer loyalty and the opinions on your service. 

Remember that these are just examples and you need to tailor them to your goals and objectives for your business or company. Also, be sure to set SMART goals.

E-commerce on multiple platforms

Callbell the best omnichannel tool for your business

Callbell is an omnichannel tool that helps you channel all messages coming from different social networks like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and WhatsApp from one place. Adapting this tool as part of your omnichannel strategy is an ideal step to centralize communications, by managing your channels in one place, analyzing metrics and develloping new marketing strategies. 

Callbell also offers other features for sales and support teams like CRM, automatic routing, public APIs and customer service bots that can help you improve the efficiency of your business. 

If you want to convert your business to omnichannel and try this tool, click here. 

Frequent Questions
What are the communication channels that Callbell can integrate?
With Callbell you can integrate a variety of communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Telegram, Twitter and more. This allows companies to manage all conversations on a single platform, simplifying customer service.
What benefits does Callbell offer in terms of team management?
Callbell offers team management features, such as automatic chat routing, which distributes conversations among agents fairly and efficiently. It also provides collaboration features, such as internal notes and tags, that help organize and share relevant customer information, improving internal collaboration.
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