Have you ever wondered whether or not it is really beneficial to have a chatbot that can automatically take care of your customers?

It may be difficult to answer this question due to the different opinions on the subject. However, in this article we want to explain to you what the advantages of having a chatbot for your company can be and 10 use cases or examples of chatbots directly on WhatsApp to use to be sure whether or not to hire such a service.

These friends can be absolutely useful and practical for any type of business. It is essential to set them up correctly so that customers do not feel like they are talking to an artificial character, as this could lead to lost customers. Having a chatbot is like a double-edged sword: it must be used sparingly and knowledgeably.

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What are WhatsApp chatbots and how can they be applied?

Chatbots are services or programs that run automatically to answer questions and requests made by customers. Not all chatbots are the same and can be configured manually, although there are some that have built-in AI and can teach you how to speak and engage in an interaction, responding to other requests.

WhatsApp chatbots are programs capable of automatically responding to users’ requests and doubts directly on WhatsApp, thus providing sales support. To apply them, you need to have a tool capable of creating and integrating them not only on WhatsApp, but also on other social networks.

An excellent tool to apply is definitely Callbell.

Chatbots on WhatsApp for each use

10 use cases of bots on WhatsApp

As we have previously described, bots are practical and useful tools and there are many different types. Among them we find 10 main use cases, or rather:

1) Dental clinics

Chatbots are really useful for dental offices. We all know that these businesses receive many requests every day and, in many, it is necessary to contact patients to confirm appointments, coordinate payments or collections. This is why it is essential to have a bot capable of simplifying contacts with interested people.

2) Auto parts service

Auto parts are extremely popular in many countries. Most people usually contact these businesses in order to check the availability of spare parts, coordinate purchases and make payments. In this case, the number of requests sometimes is high and it is always useful to have a bot capable of segmenting customers by type of query.

3) Universities and educational units

Universities and educational units are also a perfect example for chatbots on WhatsApp. In fact, students are always busy running errands and managing the studio: this is why WhatsApp is an ideal solution to simplify this type of process. There are many questions and, for this reason, several education units often use chatbots to handle student inquiries.

4) E-commerce and online shops

In general, in these uses, online stores usually answer users’ questions via WhatsApp in order to obtain a database and sell. That is why, chatbots are used that answer customers’ basic questions automatically.

5) Restaurants

Restaurants are another great example of this use. This is because most check their orders using WhatsApp and a chef bot capable of serving consumers is a near-perfect idea.

6) Car rental

Car rental is another area where it is possible to use chatbots on WhatsApp, filtering everything according to the type of service that each customer needs and, consequently, sending the interaction with all the data to an online agent.

7) Real estate

As with car rental, people use WhatsApp to talk to a chatbot that assists them and asks what type of business they are in contact with. Once the customer replies and choses the available options, the chatbot will send the conversation with an agent in order to proceed with the booking.

8) Customer support for services

It is known that companies, regardless of the type of service they offer, are used to using WhatsApp bots in order to assist, filter and manage interactions with customers. This is because, for example, a company that offers telecommunications services first wants to filter contacts by type of service, thus discovering the preferences of its customers, also working to obtain useful data for subsequent marketing. This explains why service companies use bots on WhatsApp.

9) Travel agencies

Tourism is one of the most numerous industries in the world, travel agencies usually have many contacts and questions on WhatsApp are practically endless. That’s why it’s recommended to use bots that can solve all the doubts of customers who repeatedly ask the same thing. That’s why WhatsApp chatbots have become more popular in this space.

10) Legal and administrative office

As explained previously, legal and administrative firms also tend to have different types of requests, thus having the clear need for a bot capable of filtering and automatically routing these questions to specific agents.


In conclusion, using chatbots on WhatsApp for customers is certainly beneficial for companies; however, always consider that the configuration of the bots is essential, because everything will depend on the correct functioning of your activities on WhatsApp.

If you want to try a bot that is extremely easy to configure, with support always ready to help you with any problem or inconvenience, you absolutely must use the WhatsApp chatbots provided by Callbell.

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