Chatbots are a tool that has been making a lot of noise for some years. For some users, the use of these tools generates a sense of distrust because it does not involve any human treatment. However, for others, these smart elements mean growth, automation and innovation in order to integrate into their business. This represents a certainty, by leading to strategic improvements and an inclusion on social networks.

To better understand the whole thing, we need to know some fundamental details. Chatbots are tools used to serve customers automatically. There are different types of bots and each of them has different uses. On the other hand, Facebook represents an ever-growing social network, being also one of the most used in the world. This combination makes it outstanding.

Imagine a bot tasked with automatically tending to customers, being able to respond and sell without the presence of a human agent.

This is how chatbots mark a starting point for all businesses, leading to impressive changes. For this reason, in this article we will describe what chatbots are, how to use them on Facebook and how to increase your business on the aforementioned social platform.

The chatbot is a tool used to automatically reply to interactions. In fact, these smart friends can carry out actions within a communication that concern different areas: sales, technical support or general customer service.

Bots are elements that need to be installed or applied within your social networks, like Facebook. And that is when the bot starts participating in messages with your potential customers and replying to every interaction. Obviously, should there be a need for different help, the bot will be able to direct the customer to a human agent.

Use chatbots in Facebook Messenger

Registering a chatbot on your social network is a truly essential step for a company. That is because it is a tool that leaves customer service, or first contact with the customer, in the hands of a bot. Here below, we want to share with you how you can implement a chatbot on Facebook Messenger: 

Step 1: First of all, you need to understand how and when to use the chatbot.

In fact, it is extremely important to know exactly what you want to achieve with a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. In general, the first thing the chatbot does is provide customer support by answering basic questions. Deciding to train the tool to reply to more complex questions is entirely up to you. However, we recommend that you be patient and do things properly.

Step 2: Select a chatbot platform compatible with Facebook Messenger.

The next step is to choose a platform compatible with Facebook Messenger. For this condition we want to recommend Callbell to implement bots for Facebook Messenger, being a tool capable of combining automation with human agents and several analysis features for all your customers, making it ideal for monitoring activity within this social network.

Step 3: Set up your chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

After choosing the platform, we have to configure the interaction and design the conversation flow in order to define how the chatbot will interact with users, always keeping in mind that more frequent questions, answers and circumstances capable of solving these problems may arise.

Step 4: Try the chatbot.

It is time to test the installed chatbot. This will react to the messages sent by users based on the settings previously established, but it is important to test the tool first and challenge it with different circumstances in order to understand the natural language of your users.

So, you will have to upload your pre-set answers, establish the communication rules and thus train the chatbot.

Having an excellent chatbot on Facebook is perfect and necessary to automatically interact with costumers through this social network. It is essential to understand that Facebook, being one of the social networks where there is more interaction, it is sometimes impossible to serve many users at the same time and, for this, bots can be perfect helpers:

1) To optimize customer service: Users will not have to wait for answers to the questions they ask, since chatbots allow you to offer immediate answers.

2) To automate all activities: Chatbots, in fact, will be an ideal ally to perform the most monotonous activities like answering the most frequent and elementary questions. 

3) To bring greater reach and user availability: A chatbot can handle simultaneous conversations, especially on days when the flow is exponential.

4) To get more leads and sales: In addition to customer service, bots can also be used to generate sales and capture leads. This is all due to the training and configuration provided.

Finally, Facebook bots are ideal for all those companies that receive several messages every day, thus helping agents not to get engulfed with requests, being used to carrying out repetitive and monotonous activities, responding to simple interactions.

Remember to always control and combine the power of bots with human efficiency to allow your company to become more and more innovative and successful. We also recommend using Callbell to manage all bots to generate more business performance.

If you want to try Callbell and train your chatbots on Facebook Messenger, click here.

Frequent Questions

What is a chatbot for Facebook Messenger?

A chatbot for Facebook Messenger integrated with Callbell is able to have practically immediate interaction, by simulating human communications through technologies like natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence in order to understand and reply to questions and requests made by users.
You should always keep in mind that chatbots are not always the ideal solution for customer service and that human help must always be provided, capable of analyzing and solving all the more complex problems.

Why should I use a chatbot on Facebook Messenger?

Having a chatbot on Facebook Messenger integrated with Callbell can be able to expand your business, by improving its interaction with customers. That is why we want to analyze some of the main benefits provided by the use of chatbots:

  • They optimize customer service: Users will not have to wait for human responses, as chatbots allow you to offer immediate answers and lightning-fast solutions. Therefore, these tools are able to improve the experience and offer a more specialized service.
  • They automate all tasks: Chatbots are ideal for performing the most monotonous tasks like answering the most basic and frequently asked questions. This feature will allow your team to better manage their time and resources, focusing on tasks that require human attention.
  • Greater reach and user availability: A chatbot can handle multiple conversations, especially in times when the flow is full and the number of requests extremely high.

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