We are going to explain to you in a very easy, simple and fast way, how companies can link WhatsApp with Odoo , using the Callbell API.

For this to be possible you must meet 2 fundamental requirements, the first, have a Callbell account and the second, an Odoo account.

WhatsApp <--> Odoo

What is Odoo?

Odoo is a business management tool capable of fulfilling all the basic needs of any company, thanks to the presence of integrations of the tools at its disposal. This CRM stands out for its project management, HR, marketing, accounting, inventory, etc.

This CRM features an app for tracking every business need your business might show over time – that is why there will not be any issues for sales or contact information. Furthermore, it is a service capable of providing specific statistics and support at any time, having a simple and sales-focused interface.

WhatsApp <--> Odoo

What is Callbell?

Callbell is a conversation-based customer service platform. It focuses on improving communication between companies and their customers through different channels, especially WhatsApp. Callbell enables businesses to manage and respond to their customers’ messages in an efficient and organized manner, improving the customer experience and increasing satisfaction.

In addition, Callbell offers a wide range of features, such as integration with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, automating responses and generating detailed reports on performance. In summary, Callbell is an effective solution to improve customer service through WhatsApp and other platforms.

WhatsApp <--> Odoo

How to integrate WhatsApp to Odoo – Main method

To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

1) Create a Callbell account and integrate WhatsApp

2) Create an account in Odoo. 

Once these tasks are completed, you can start using the Callbell API documentation to link your WhatsApp Business account to Odoo according to your needs.

There are some common cases for companies that want to link WhatsApp to Odoo , one of them is contact management and synchronization. These types of operations are possible thanks to the section of the Callbell API documentation dedicated to contacts. 

With this it will be possible, for example, to automatically synchronize the WhatsApp contacts generated in Callbell with the Odoo contacts section (and vice versa).

How to integrate WhatsApp to Odoo with Zapier – Alternative method

Zapier is a task automation platform that allows you to connect apps and online services to create automated workflows. With Zapier, users can create “ zaps ” that automate repetitive and routine tasks, such as transferring data from one application to another, integrating tracking tools, and creating automated responses.

Plus, Zapier is compatible with over 5,000 apps, which means users can connect their favorite tools and take full advantage of its features. In short, Zapier is a task automation platform that helps users save time and increase efficiency.

If you feel that your IT team can’t do this job, or you want to save time implementing it, you can use the official Callbell integration in Zapier to connect WhatsApp with Odoo . One of the strongest advantages in using Zapier is the ease and speed of integration. The downside is instead the cost of Zapier.

Connect WhatsApp to Odoo
With the Callbell – Odoo integration through Zapier , businesses can automatically create new contacts in Odoo by leveraging Callbell Webhooks and also update existing contact information in Odoo based on customer interactions through Callbell.

This allows companies to have a better, comprehensive and modernized view of customer interactions and better understand their needs and preferences.

To achieve this, what you will have to do is:

1) Create a Callbell account and integrate WhatsApp

2) Create an account in Odoo

3) Create a Zapier account

Once you manage to carry out these steps, you will only have to link Callbell and Odoo with Zapier and program the necessary “ zaps ” for the operations you want.

Frequent Questions
What is Odoo?
Odoo is a comprehensive and open-source business management software. It offers a wide range of applications, from CRM and sales to finance and production, all integrated into a single platform. In addition, it has an intuitive and customizable user interface, which makes it easy to use for both small and large companies.
What is Callbell?
Callbell is a SaaS platform focused on communication between companies and customers through messaging apps. It is a collaborative chat tool to which companies can link their Facebook page, a WhatsApp account through the WhatsApp Business API, Instagram business and Telegram, to centralize support channels and provide a better customer experience to the final client, all in a single centralized solution.
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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct