Facebook is the best tool in the world when it comes to social media. Many users tend to use it to talk to their friends, see memes, videos and even find new love. However, this is not its only use. In fact, it is used by thousands of companies and initiatives looking to attract and generate sales through advertising.

 Logically, companies and entrepreneurs do not just have a Facebook page or account to advertise themselves. On the contrary, most of them have multiple pages where they can receive messages from their customers, by making communication extremely chaotic and allowing other agents to take over the management of their pages.

 That is why, in this article, we wanted to share with you how a business can manage a large number of Facebook Pages, centralizing all messages in one place.

Why have multiple Facebook pages?

Sometimes, companies have to manage several advertising lines that need multiple pages for all the products, brands or lines they sell. That is why they have to create different pages for each identity of the product to consequently end up managing 2 or more Facebook pages where they can receive messages from different customers.

 When companies manage to sell constantly through their pages, making space on the market, the messages received from customers begin to rain, making everything more chaotic. On several occasions, agents cannot handle all the different messages coming from places that have different queries and, that is why, they can find themselves in need of a tool that helps improve dynamics and the whole organization.

Business manage a big number of Facebook pages

What is Callbell and how does it work?

Callbell is a tool capable of focalizing messages from different communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp in only a place. This service has multiple features suitable for sales and support that make communication even more interesting, increasing sales. 

Among these features we find routing or automatic assignment, CRM, sales funnel, bot to automate conversations, multi-number WhatsApp and multi-page Facebook and Instagram.

With this, Callbell helps companies organize and centralize all interactions on a single platform in an intelligent and interesting way, while improving the support and sales processes in order to manage the leads that arrive regarding the product or service.

How to centralize messages from other Facebook pages in one place?

With Callbell you will have the possibility to centralize all messages from different Facebook pages without any problem. Thanks to Callbell’s multi-page functionality, you will be able to connect multiple Facebook or Instagram pages to your account, by managing the interactions from each of these pages individually.

This means that you will be able to open a mailbox for every single Facebook page connected to your account, having agents and collaborators who will be able to manage messages, response flows, configuration and management of all pages.

If you want to test this feature, all you have to do is create a Callbell account by clicking here and proceed to link your Facebook pages. Clicking Connect and then logging into Facebook.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct