In this article we will find out how to use Messenger as CRM, generate new leads, manage the relationship with your contacts before, during and after they buy

More and more companies that do business online use Messenger to manage the relationship with the client during the sale or in the assistance phase, using the application as a real CRM tool.

Facebook is in fact a major source of information: when someone starts a chat with the company, it can instantly gather a significant number of customer data (name, lastname, Facebook ID, etc …) as well as the possibility of getting in touch with the customer even after he/she leaves the company page or website*.

In this article we will explain how your company can also start to use Facebook Messenger as a CRM, manage chats with customers and make the most of the data gathered about their contacts.

* According to Facebook’s rules, business pages can reply to their contacts during the first 24 hours of the first message plus a message later: learn more about the 24 + 1 rule from this link.

How to use Facebook Messenger to generate leads and provide assistance

How to use Facebook Messenger to generate new leads?

The first thing to do is to understand how you can generate new contacts through the use of Messenger and make sure that new potential contacts get in touch with you using their Facebook account.

To ensure that more people come into contact with your company, you must:

1) Activate the “Messages” function within the Facebook page settings
Install a chat widget on your site that integrates the possibility of starting a chat using Messenger

Activate the “Messages” function within the Facebook page settings

Let’s start from the first point: activate the message function on your Facebook page. This will allow your visitors to start a chat when visiting your company page. 

Here’s how to do it:

1) Click on “Settings” at the top of the page
2) Under “General”, click on Messages
3) Click on the box next to Allow people to privately contact my Page showing the Message button
4) Click Save Changes

Note: to activate this function, you need to be Admin of the page.

How to generate leads through Facebook Messenger

Install a chat widget on your site that integrates the possibility of starting a chat using Messenger

In order to simplify the use of Messenger also outside the social network, Facebook provides a chat widget which, once installed on the website, allows visitors to start a  chat in real time with your company page.

To install the Facebook Messenger widget you can follow the set-up within your page settings or use Callbell‘s chat; both solutions will allow you to activate Messenger chat on your site in just a few minutes.

Using this application brings several advantages, compared to the traditional Live Chat tools: whenever the user starts a chat to request information or assistance, Facebook provides your company with all the data necessary to identify that contact within your CRM.

Callbell Widget

How to manage Messenger chat within a sales or support team

Once the conversation has started, our sales or customer service team must take charge of and handle contact requests in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, the interface provided by Facebook Messenger is not suitable for team chat management. In fact it is not possible to simply assign conversations to customer support staff and therefore you need to find an alternative management system.

For this reason, it is necessary to choose a platform that allows multiple users to interact within the same interface: for this purpose we suggest you try platforms like Callbell, LiveChat, or AgoraPulse.

Callbell: an alternative to Facebook Page Messenger Interface

How to use contact information obtained from Messenger

Once the chat management has been set up, it is important to understand how to manage and exploit the information collected on the users. Facebook is probably the richest container of information on the web, and understanding and analyzing interactions with your users can help you understand how to generate new ones.

For example, once you have collected a significant number of contacts, you can create a custom audience that can be targeted through Ads on the social network.

In this way Facebook will look for the people most similar to the contacts which your company has interacted with, and will help you reach an audience that is potentially very interested in buying your products.

Using Facebook Messenger as a CRM tool has become a fundamental requirement to improve the relationship with existing customers, as well as generating new ones: here are the steps you have to follow to start today

In this article we have analyzed the steps necessary to start using Facebook Messenger as a tool for you customer relationship management (CRM). To recap, here are the steps to follow if you want to implement this approach within your company:

1) Activate the message function of your Facebook page
2) Install a chat widget for Messenger on your website
Choose a platform for managing the Messenger inbox within teams
4) Take advantage of your contacts’ data to generate new leads

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Facebook Messenger as CRM: here's how to get started

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