In this article we will explain how to use Telegram with multiple users at the same time. This feature is extremely useful for those companies that wish to provide customer service or sales support using Telegram.

Telegram is certainly one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in the world. More and more users are starting to use this communication channel to send messages and communicate with companies. This app experienced exponential growth at the beginning of 2021, now exceeding 500 million active users.

However, if you want to use Telegram as a business channel to communicate with customers, you will quickly come up against some important limitations. The most important one is certainly the impossibility of being able to manage the same Telegram account with multiple people at the same time.

In addition to this important limitation (which can only be solved with volatile tricks), there is also the lack of some features typical of business management systems.

Using Telegram on multiple browsers at the same time? Here is the solution

In order to manage the same Telegram account from multiple locations simultaneously, you can use Callbell, a platform created to help companies provide customer assistance from a single Telegram account.

Callbell allows you to connect a Telegram account to the platform in just a few clicks, so you can start receiving incoming messages immediately, and invite other team members to collaborate within the same account.

In order to integrate Telegram within Callbell you will need to:

1) Create a free trial account on Callbell.

2)  Invite your team, starting with the account  administrator

3) Connect Telegram in a few clicks by following this guide.

In the guide, you will find this short video that will guide you step by step through the installation.

Once you have followed these simple steps, you will be able to access the platform from several computers at the same time and manage a single Telegram account from multiple locations.

Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Telegram with multiple users at the same time
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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and (soon) Instagram Direct