Companies are always looking for new ways just to improve their communication with customers. The popularity of messaging apps has led many companies to adopt tools like WhatsApp in order to increase their communication effectiveness and efficiency and this has surely made a big difference in the way e-commerce is performed today. For this purpose, the app has become very popular for companies. People prefer to write directly to a WhatsApp number than to an email or make a simple phone call.

Nowadays they prefer direct and fast communication in order to long obsolete communication protocols. WhatsApp Business has been a very successful solution for this practice; it has given an opportunity of success to all those companies that desire to improve communication and relationship with their own customers.

In this article, we will discover what it is and how to use WhatsApp Business as an effective messaging solution for companies.

How do companies use WhatsApp?

Business usually communicate with their own customers more efficiently through the use of WhatsApp. Companies can use this app to send and receive text, audio and video messages, as well as documents and photos. 

Thanks to this, any entrepreneur or business communicates with their customers in a very fast and safe way; these features strengthen customer relationships and loyalty. 

Here below there are some examples of the usages of WhatsApp by companies:

a) Customer service

Companies often use WhatsApp to provide real-time customer support.

b) Orders confirmation

Companies can send order confirmations through WhatsApp

c) Offers and promotions

Companies often use this practice just to offer special discounts and promotions through WhatsApp to their own customers immediately.

d) Questionnaires and feedback

A strategy that many companies use it to send questionnaires through WhatsApp and collect feedbacks from their customers regarding their products or services.

e) Announcements

Normally, people see ads shared in WhatsApp status more easily.

Importance and benefits of using WhatsApp in your company

WhatsApp Business is extremely reliable and safe. The developers of this company focused on security and companies must be totally calm that the information collected in the app is confidential. Therefore, this is an excellent benefit of this platform, as well as the speed of communication, the different types of files that can be shared and much more. 

The chart that we will show you below summarizes the advantages and benefits of using messaging apps like WhatsApp in the business field, it does not matter if you  are a company or an entrepreneur:

WhatsApp for Enterprises

How do people use messaging apps to buy and acquire services on the internet?

People use messaging apps to buy and acquire services online but, not only that, they are also used to read news, see products, talk with friends, meet people I investigated on all types of things. They act like that because they are convenient and very easy to use.

For example, people can send messages to companies and receive answers in real time; this solves any doubts very quickly, also investigating information about the company or the products and services that it offers. 

Many messaging apps, including WhatsApp, allow people to make payments and transactions online, by letting them to purchase products and services quickly and successfully.

Should I use WhatsApp Business?

The answer is yes. Every company in 2023 should use WhatsApp Business and, if it possible, integrate it with apps like Callbell. This is because this type of tool helps you control your company and support or sales team in a much more effective way.  

Communication with customers is fasters and more direct making a big difference, being considered a key step in achieving or not a sale. In addition, WhatsApp is used by almost the entire planet and, consequently, the range of potential customers that you will have is huge. All you have to do is apply successful marketing strategies in order to improve your communication, getting more leads and generating more income for you company. 

If you are thinking of using WhatsApp Business for your company, the answer is absolutely yes.

What is Callbell and how can it help you improve your communication with customers using WhatsApp for business?

Callbell is a tool that helps companies to develop their own sales and support work in an innovative and smart way. With Callbell, any type of business can focus its communications on a single platform, no matter if the messages come from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram. 

In addition, Callbell offers a number of advanced tools and features that can help companies increase their productivity. For examples, the tool allows you to route conversations through a bot. The most important thing is that bot takes new messages, answers the first questions and then forwards the conversation to a human agent.

Another benefit of Callbell is that is allows companies to integrate multiple apps with WhatsApp. An interesting use case is that you can connect Slack, Gmail, survey platforms, CRM and much more. This helps manage work efficiently, easily and much more practical.

WhatsApp for Enterprises


In conclusion, WhatsApp Business is a very important tool for companies and entrepreneurs. It helps to develop communication between companies and their customers more efficiently. Being a very quick communication tool, customer service agents can react almost in real time to user messages and this certainly makes a difference regarding the standard communication.  

In addition, using platforms like Callbell, companies can further improve their own communication with customers and gain a competitive advantage in the market by using the several functionalities that this platform offers for sales and support teams.

Frequent Questions
What is WhatsApp for Enterprises?
WhatsApp Business is a version of the WhatsApp instant messaging application designed specifically for businesses. It offers a number of additional features and management tools that allow companies to communicate with their customers more effectively and efficiently.

Callbell, for its part, is a customer service platform that allows companies to manage all their communications in one place. This includes various social networking and messaging apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram. One of Callbell’s features is the integration with WhatsApp Business, which allows companies to use WhatsApp as a customer service channel and manage all conversations from the Callbell platform.

Why is it important to use WhatsApp Business in companies?
It is important to use WhatsApp for Business because it allows companies to improve their communication with customers, automate responses, send mass messages and get a complete view of their conversations with customers. All this can help companies to increase their efficiency in customer service, sales and improve their relationship with them.

This task can be maximized if an additional tool such as Callbell is used to improve the productivity of your team, by centralizing communications in one place and having automation, CRM, data analysis and much more functionalities.

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About the author: Hello! I am Alan and I am the marketing manager at Callbell, the first communication platform designed to help sales and support teams to collaborate and communicate with customers through direct messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and Instagram Direct