Telegram is much more than an instant messaging app. It’s a practical, fast and immediate tool that can be used for customer support. Telegram has 200 million daily active users per month, which is why many companies use it for their business goals.

With Telegram, you can create a constant flow of communication with your target. You can instantly respond to clients, create discussion communities and channels to instantly send information and promotions.

All the marketing actions you decide to carry out, do not necessarily have to be done by you in person, you can set up a chatbot that does it for you, 24/7.

Telegram as a customer support channel

Discover how to use Telegram as a support channel for your customers and allow your site visitors to get in touch with your company through one of the most popular messaging apps

Using Telegram as a support channel is an immediate way to build customer loyalty. Whenever the client will need some information, he/she will be able to write to you immediately and resolve any doubt about your product, perhaps even that one doubt that once resolved, will lead him to finish the purchase.

But how can the potential customer get in touch with you?

Through your website. Here is an example: your potential customer looks up your company on Google, finds you, is interested in your product / service, but would like more info.

On your website he will find the Telegram icon, he will send you a direct message to resolve his/her doubts and will conclude the purchase. Just for this interesting mechanism, it’s important to integrate Telegram to your website.

Integrate Telegram into the support channels

What is Telegram and why you should integrate it among your customer support channels

Telegram is an instant messaging app with different features, one of the most used by companies, along with Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Telegram is a tool with an enormous potential. It’s a free marketing channel, easily downloadable from the App Store. It’s also a secure chat because it is protected by encryptions that make it impossible for third parties to read it.

Telegram is a perfect channel for customer support, let’s see why:

1) You can create “channels” that allow you to send instant messages to all interested users, who will receive them in real time, plus you can add bots to automate actions, remove and add members, publish any type of content and appoint administrators to manage the channels at best. They will work like WhatsApp’s lists, you can use them as an informational or promotional tool, with push notifications

2) “Chatbots” are automatic functions capable of giving answers based on user requests. You can set up them to promote products, services and content. A user sends a specific request and the system automatically provides an answer. You can create your own bot based on your customer care needs.

3) Groups are discussion communities that you can take advantage of for multiple uses … And this is what we’ll talk about in the next section.

Use Telegram groups to provide assistance

How and why you should use Telegram groups to provide assistance

The Telegram groups are an opportunity to provide quality client assistanceThis feature allows you to create real discussion groups that work under the logic of the chats, that can be joined by a maximum of 5000 participants.

Groups can be used for great initiatives, such as collecting subscriptions for an event that has a limited number of members. Groups have the feature of allowing interaction and dialogue between users, where you can send images, use hashtags, send documents, audio and many other contents. In short, a real place for discussion.

manage support requests via telegram

How to handle support requests coming from Telegram

Compared to traditional emails or phone calls, Telegram, like the other direct messaging apps, allows you to communicate and provide customer support in a personal and asynchronous manner (if you and your team are unable to respond immediately, you will have the opportunity to reach that person even once they leave your website).

If you want to start using Telegram immediately and integrate it into your website in a simple and free way, you can immediately create a free account on Callbell and create your custom chat widget.

integrate telegram in a simple and free way
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Frequent Questions

Why provide customer support through Telegram?
Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with almost 250 million active users. The message opening rate on Telegram is on average 85%.
How to handle support requests on Telegram?
Support requests can be managed from the Telegram mobile app, from the desktop version or through multi-user platforms such as Callbell.
What are the advantages of using Telegram for customer care?
Telegram allows you to reach the customer even after leaving the website and is particularly effective when targeting a mobile-first audience.
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