We all know that WhatsApp is one of the most used means of communication by users all over the world and that Google is by far one of the most popular companies of our century: it has multiple services to showcase the businesses of small and large companies, such as Google My Business. Google My Business is nothing more than a service that allows you to show more companies, regardless of their size, in the Google search engine, depending on the keywords you enter.

If we combine WhatsApp and Google, we will surely have a very powerful formula to scale our business with higher sales and a stronger customer loyalty. For this reason, today we are going to tell you why merging these two platforms is so important.

The reality is that by connecting Google My Business to WhatsApp Business we will be able to offer a more personalized service channel, while Google My Business attracts traffic to your business, listing it in Google’s own search engine, WhatsApp receives all the messages to which you can respond in a customised way, thus achieving perfect harmony between traffic attraction and the most appropriate customer service.

Benefits of Google My Business

Benefits of Google My Business

When we decide to open a Google My Business account, we will certainly have many advantages, such as greater visibility of our company, the possibility for customers to evaluate the quality of our services, comments on our business, photos and lots of information available in Google’s search engine.

Below we list all the benefits you can enjoy once you creat your Google My Business account:

Benefits of Google My Business

1) Allows greater visibility in Google searches.

2) Improves your strategic position in the local searches of your business.

3) Facilitates and improves contact with potential customers.

4) Enhances the strategic geolocation of your business.

5) Enhances your digital presence and builds customer loyalty thanks to the trust given by the reviews.

6) Allows you to share relevant information and contact details of your business.

7) Gives you the possibility to be contacted directly on your WhatsApp Business.

How to encourage interaction via WhatsApp using Google My Business?

Once our Google My Business is enabled we will have an extra channel of communication with our customers and we will also be able to work on the SEO of our business so that it appears more frequently and on top of the competition, which will get us more views and messages.

When we obtains these views, we must have already enabled the WhatsApp channel so that potential customers can reach use there; for this, WhatsApp should be configured in the information of Google My Business, in this way Google will attract visitors and WhatsApp will allow you to reply to the messages, thus integrating the two platforms’ usage.

How to connect WhatsApp to Google My Business step by step?

How to connect WhatsApp to Google My Business step by step?

First of all you will need to create a digital catalog for WhatsApp on Callbell Shop , the new Callbell tool for creating a real digital shop that will allow visitors to your Google My Business profile to place orders for your products or services directly on WhatsApp.

You can create a digital store on WhatsApp completely free and in just a few minutes, you can customize it with your brand’s colors and logo, add products, categories, delivery methods and much more.

This will allow you to be able to sell your products or services directly via WhatsApp without needing a website. Once your digital catalog has been created, you will have a shareable link that refers to your digital catalog (e.g. v2project.callbell.shop).

At this point, you can go and edit the contact card in your Google My Business account (on the Google search page or in the Google Maps app) and insert the Callbell Shop link on the website or additional info string.

Visit the Callbell Shop website for more information.

How to reply to all messages from Google My Business via WhatsApp with a multi-agent team?

If you already have your Google My Business set up with WhatsApp Business you are surely wondering how you can now manage all those chats that are appearing on your phone. This is one of the biggest problems we face as we often need more than one person to assist all the customers, but we only have one WhatsApp number and it becomes quite inconvenient to have multiple numbers, as it generates confusion in potential customers.

If you have this type of problem then we can help you solve it: in fact, at Callbell we offer the possibility of creating a multi-agent team from a single WhatsApp Business number . But that’s not all: you can also connect Facebook Messenger and Telegram, so as to have available a powerful tool capable of connecting the main sales and customer service channels for your team, if you are interested in trying our solution, I encourage you to visit this page where you can get more information about it.

Google My Business 2023 updates

One of the most important updates of Google My Business is that it is no longer possible to manage the Google My Business profile from its dedicated dashboard, but only through the Google search page or through the Google Maps app.

add multiple locations to a single tab has also been added . This makes it easier for companies with multiple locations to manage their listings and keep the information for all locations up to date. Additionally, businesses can now add more detailed information to their listings, such as the types of services they offer and hours of operation.

Another big update to Google My Business is the ability to add images and videos to listings. This allows businesses to showcase their products and services in a visually appealing way, which can help attract more customers. Additionally, businesses can now add posts to their listings, which can be used to promote special offers or events.

Google has also enhanced the Google My Business Insights feature , which provides businesses with detailed analytics about their listings. Insights can help businesses understand how customers are interacting with their ads, such as how often they see the ad and the type of actions they take. This information can be used to optimize adverts for maximum exposure and engagement.

Finally, Google recently added a new dashboard to Google My Business that makes it easier to manage multiple listings. The dashboard gives businesses access to all their listings in one place, making it easier to track all of their locations and make changes quickly.

Overall, the updates to Google My Business have made it easier than ever to manage and optimize your business’ online presence. With new features and improved analytics, businesses can ensure their listings stand out and reach the right customers.

Connect WhatsApp to Google My Business

Frequent Questions

What is Google My Business?

It is a tool created by Google to allow companies to showcase themselves on the Internet, thus making it easier for users to search for shops and companies. With this service it is possible to share company information such as the address, reviews, description and type of company, photos and links relevant to the search.

How to connect WhatsApp to Google My Business step by step?
  • First of all, you need to create your link for WhatsApp Business so that customers can contact you directly there, to do this you need to visit this page.
  • Then you have to go to the bottom of the page and put your phone number along with your country extension and a message that you want the customer to send you when they decide to contact you.
  • Once the link is configured, you have to shorten it so that it is not too long, for this you have to enter the next page, going to the bottom and shortening the link as follows:
  • After following the previous steps, you need to save the link in a safe place and move on to the next step, which is to set up your Google My Business. For this, you need to go to the Home section of your Google My Business and activate online booking.
  • After activating online bookings, the service will immediately give you the option to enter the WhatsApp link that you have previously shortened.
  • Click Done and you will have configured your Google My Business with WhatsApp Business.
What are the benefits of Google My Business?

When you decide to open a Google My Business account, you will certainly have multiple advantages, such as greater company visibility, the possibility for customers to evaluate the quality of your services, leave comments on your business, photos and many other information available on Google’s search engine.

How to encourage interaction via WhatsApp using Google My Business?

Once your Google My Business is active, you will have an extra communication channel with your customers. In addition, you will also be able to work on the SEO of your business so that it appears more frequently and before the competition, thus giving you more visits and interactions.

When you obtain these visits, you must have an enabled WhatsApp channel so that potential customers can contact you from there. In this case, the WhatsApp number should be added in the information present on Google My Business; in this way, Google will attract visits and WhatsApp will allow you to reply to messages. This service is a great way to integrate and use the two platforms.

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